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No matter how light or dark the skin is, a neutral skin tone contains equal elements of :

warm and cool colors

The testing of foundation color should be done on the client's :


A color that is formed by mixing equal parts of a secondary color and its neighboring primary color is a :

Tertiary colors

A darker shade of eye color makes the natural color of the eyes appear :


When determining skin color, you most first decide the skin :


Water-based foundation is most often used for lighter coverage needs, for skin that is classified as :

Oily to combination

A thick foundation that is oil-based, sold in a jar or tin, and it may or may not contain water is :

Cream foundation

The use of shadows (dark shades and colors) is used to :

suddue prominent features

The metal ring that keeps the bristles and handle of a brush together is the :


Any color that is significantly deeper or darker than the client's skin tone is considered a :

contour color

If a powder foundation is being used, a concealer is applied :

Before foundation

The procedure of applying individual eye lashes directly on the client's own lashes at the base is referred to as :

Eye tabbing

A jaw that is wider than the forehead characterizes the :


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