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Henry Ford

This mans dream was to make an inexpensive car that nearly every American family could afford.

steam engines or electricity

The first cars ran on what 2 things?


Ford finished his first gasoline-engine car in?

Ford Motor Company

In 1903, when _______ ________ __________ began, only the wealthy could afford to buy cars.

assembly line

Ford developed the __________ ________ method, which he used to produce his Model T.

2 hours

By hand it took many days to assemble one car. With the assembly line, one car could be completely assembled in less than?

cheaper price

Because it took less time to build cars, they could be made at a much?

Henry Ford

He was the first to use the idea of the assembly line to build cars?

Jan Ernst Matzeliger

This black man was a shoemaker in Lynn, Massachusetts. He patented the first shoe-lasting machine.

This invention meant that the shoemaker no longer had to stretch and shape each shoe by hand and then nail it to a sole.

What did the first shoe-lasting machine do?

Norbert Rillieux

This black man invented a sugar-refining process which greatly reduced the cost of refining (removing impurities from) sugar and revolutionized the sugar industry?

Granville T. Woods

This black man opened a factory and invented a steam boiler furnace, automatic air brakes, an egg incubator, a telegraph device for communication between moving trains and train stations, and more than 15 electrical devices for railroads.

Garrett A. Morgan

This black man invented a gas mask and traffic signal with red, yellow and green lights was also invented by him?

General Electric Company

The ________ ________ ________ paid Morgan $40,000 for rights to manufacture the invention of the traffic signal.

Wilbur and Orville Wright

These two brothers started making toy helicopters from bamboo, cork, and paper.They had a bicycle shop that became their laboratory for their interest in flying. They built gliders as well as the first airplane.

powered flights

Wright brothers attempted on December 17, 1903 to fly their first plane. On the 3rd try it flew for 59 seconds and 852 feet. These three flights were the first ___________ ________ in a machine that was heavier than air, but only a few newspapers across the nation carried the story.

Robert Goddard

In 1926, ___________ __________ launched the first successful liquid-fuel rocket ever built.

Samuel Colt

The inventor of the revolver?

Charles Goodyear

This inventor invented vulcanization of rubber, a process which improved its strength and durability and did away with its stickiness?

Elias Howe

This inventor invented lock-stitch sewing machine?

P.D. Armour

This man invented meat packing?

George Westinghouse

This man invented railroad air brake?

C. L. Sholes

This man invented the typewriter?

George Eastman

This man invented the Kodak box camera?

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