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  1. English arch. Architectural feature of Christopher Wren and English architects.
  2. Chinoiserie
  3. Gesamtkunstwerk
  4. Vedute
  5. Belvedere palace
  1. a Blueprint for whitehouse and American plantations.
  2. b Craze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer
  3. c Total art work - mixed materials used in unified piece like alters
  4. d
    Vienna. Lukas Von hildebrandt, 1721-24
  5. e View paintings

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  1. Scenes from Venice, oil on canvas

  2. Silver goblet, 1760

  3. Bathsheba, 1654

  4. The throne room at the Residence in Wurzburg. Allegory with Venus and Time. Premier painter of 18th century Italy.
  5. Rome

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  1. Vermeer
    Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture


  2. Vigee-lebrunView paintings


  3. RembrandtThe Jewish Bride, 1668


  4. WatteauDeparture from the Island of Cythera


  5. Jan Vermeer
    Girl with the Red Hat, 1665. National gallery, Washington D.C.