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  1. Chardin
  2. Vanitas and the 4 seasons and 5 senses
  3. The Residence
  4. Canaletto
  5. Aelbert Cuyp
  1. a
    Ships on the Maas River, national gallery, Washington D.C.
    He also did Herdsman with 5 cows by a river, 1655
  2. b
    Silver goblet, 1760
  3. c Scenes from Venice, oil on canvas
  4. d Representative iconography used to show age, death etc...including game boards, hourglasses and skulls
  5. e
    Neumann, 1720-44, wurzburg, germany

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  1. The kitchen maid

  2. Etcher of architectural fantasies. Scenes from prison caprices, 1760

  3. Bathsheba, 1654

  4. Zimmermann, pilgrimage church. Bavaria, 1745
  5. One of many self portraits, this one later in life

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  1. Tiepolo
    The throne room at the Residence in Wurzburg. Allegory with Venus and Time. Premier painter of 18th century Italy.


  2. TreppenhausHouse of stairs


  3. Belvedere palace
    Vienna. Lukas Von hildebrandt, 1721-24


  4. Herm
    Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture


  5. Vigee-lebrunPortrait of Marie Antoinette and her children, 1787