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  1. Schonbrunn palace
  2. Chardin
  3. English arch. Architectural feature of Christopher Wren and English architects.
  4. Thomas gainsborough
  5. Hogarth
  1. a
    Elevated portraits of aristocrats
  2. b
    The kitchen maid
  3. c Marriage a la mode. Satirical narratives, 1743-45.
  4. d
    Fashioned after Versailles. Fischer Von Erlach, 1695-1749. Vienna.
  5. e Blueprint for whitehouse and American plantations.

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  1. Etcher of architectural fantasies. Scenes from prison caprices, 1760
  2. Famous for her flower still life's.
  3. Departure from the Island of Cythera
  4. Craze in Europe for all things Chinese including porcelain and laquer

  5. Zimmermann, pilgrimage church. Bavaria, 1745

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  1. Vermeer
    Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture


  2. French Rococo
    Banquet of the Civic Guard of St. George at Haarlem, 1616.


  3. Aelbert CuypOne of many self portraits, this one later in life


  4. Frans Hals
    Banquet of the Civic Guard of St. George at Haarlem, 1616.


  5. Vanitas and the 4 seasons and 5 senses
    Neumann, 1720-44, wurzburg, germany