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  1. Vedute
  2. Rembrandt
  3. Aelbert Cuyp
  4. Vanitas and the 4 seasons and 5 senses
  5. Vigee-lebrun
  1. a View paintings
  2. b
    Ships on the Maas River, national gallery, Washington D.C.
    He also did Herdsman with 5 cows by a river, 1655
  3. c Portrait of Marie Antoinette and her children, 1787
  4. d Representative iconography used to show age, death etc...including game boards, hourglasses and skulls
  5. e The Jewish Bride, 1668

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  1. Fashioned after Versailles. Fischer Von Erlach, 1695-1749. Vienna.

  2. He painted Wheatfields, view of Haarlem (1670), and Windmill near Wijk bij duurstede
  3. Famous for her flower still life's.
  4. The anatomy lesson of Dr. tulip, 1632. Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph-showing father/son relationship. Supper at Emmaus, prints including Jesus preaching and the Hundred Guilder print, 1649. He did etchings and thousands of drawings.

  5. The night watch, 1642

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  1. GesamtkunstwerkRome


  2. Clara PeetersDid many still life pieces with vessels.


  3. Herm
    Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture


  4. RembrandtOne of many self portraits, this one later in life


  5. Frans Hals Gypsy
    Banquet of the Civic Guard of St. George at Haarlem, 1616.


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