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  1. Johannes vermeer artist in his studio
  2. DeSantis
  3. Treppenhaus
  4. Fran's Snyders
  5. Tiepolo
  1. a
    The throne room at the Residence in Wurzburg. Allegory with Venus and Time. Premier painter of 18th century Italy.
  2. b Artist in his studio, 1655
    The little street and view of Delft were his two landscape pieces.
  3. c House of stairs
  4. d Flemish painter, Game with dog still life
  5. e Rome

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  1. Scenes from Venice, oil on canvas

  2. Etcher of architectural fantasies. Scenes from prison caprices, 1760

  3. Sculpture portrait from torso up usually found in architecture

  4. Fashioned after Versailles. Fischer Von Erlach, 1695-1749. Vienna.
  5. Vanitas still life's.

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  1. English arch. Architectural feature of Christopher Wren and English architects.Blueprint for whitehouse and American plantations.


  2. GesamtkunstwerkTotal art work - mixed materials used in unified piece like alters


  3. RembrandtRome


  4. Thomas gainsborough
    Elevated portraits of aristocrats


  5. ChardinAlso did views from vanice looking at Santa Maria Della salute