29 terms

art appreciation midterm

The belief that the existence of souls and the conviction that nonhuman things can be endowed with a soul.
An art that stresses the psychological and emotional content of the work.
Neive or folk artist
refers to the work done by an artist who was not trained in an academy or other traditional manner of art education
subject matter
the literal, visible image in a work of art, as distinguished from its content, which includes the connotative, symbolic, and suggestive aspects of the image.
A composition consisting of three panels side by sides. Generally hinged in such away that the outer two panels can close like shutters over the central one.
the rendering of images and objects in a simplified way so though they remain unrecognized their formal and expressive elements remain the same.
Nonrepresentational or nonobjective art
Art that make no references to the natural world and that explores the inherent expressive as aesthetic potential of the formal element.
The study or description of image and symbols.
is a symbolic gesture made with the hand or fingers
The branch of philosophy concerned with the feelings aroused in us by sensory experiences such as seeing and hearing. they examine the nature of art and the nature f beauty.
Performance Art
A form of art that not only includes physical space but also the human activities that goes on with it.
A mark left from a moving point. actual or implied, and varying in direction, thickness and density .
The edge of a shape or figure depicted by an actual line drawn or pointed on a surface.
Contour line
The perceived line that makes the border of object in space.
Cross Contour line
Lines that delineate major areas within an object.
the use of fine parallel lines drawn closely together, often rapidly drawn to create an illusion of shape or texture.
Cross Hatching
Layers of hatching placed at angle usually the first layer is horizontal and the second is vertical the closer the lines the less white paper shows.
Contour Hatching
Hatching placed at a slight angle, that can allow objects to appear more 3D.
often called the Brillo pad technique. uses layers scribbled marks to build up texture and value.
Random Hatching
Layers of short straight mark various textures result depending on whether short hatching are applied vertically, at right angles, following a contour or random angles.
Using dots to create value, the closer the darker larger dots creates density.
Actual Lines
Line made by some material.
Implied Line
Lines that do not actually exist, but seem real to the viewer.
Gestural line
A line created to convey feelings or intention.
Conceptual Art
Art created according to the belief that the essence of the art resides in a motivation idea. and that nay physical realization or recording of this idea is secondary.
captures an immensity so large that it could hardly be comprehended by the imagination.
is a brand of representation in which the artist retains apparently realistic elements.
the overall structure of a work of art.
is what the work of art expresses or mean.