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he got

commisioned to paint the sistine chapel by pope julius II

born near

florence Italy

was an apprentice to

domenico ghirlandio

moved to the workshop of

bertoldo di giovanny

known for being

tempermental and a lot of self pity

first masterpiece

pieta, st. Peter's basilica in rome.

most famous statue was

david, very lifelike

Pope Julius II

invited Michaelangelo to rome to build a tomb for him, pope changed his mind and put it on hold, weary of arguing and of being disappointed so he painted the ceiling in need of money, he either rclined on his back while painting or reached up until his arms were numb.


sculpted a sculpture of moses in front of the pope's tomb.

in his fifties he

returned to the sistine chapel to paint the last judgement and became a christian.

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