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  1. What gland produces tears?
  2. Controls the pituitary gland
  3. What system fights disease?
  4. What system regulates water balance and chemical levels in the blood?
  5. What system controls various functions by releasing hormones?
  6. What two kinds of basic structures make up the lymphatic sytem?

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  1. The B-cells, the T-cells and the macrophagesWhat three kinds of cells in the lymph nodes fight infection?


  2. B-cellsWhat kind of cell in the lymph nodes produce antibodies?


  3. GlandA group of cells that prepare and release a chemical for use by the body


  4. PituitaryProduces hormones that control many of the endocrine glands


  5. In the lymph nodesWhat system fights disease?


  6. HormoneProduces hormones that regulate the basal metobolic rate