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A&P: Lab 47

Substance that release H+ in solution (body fluids).
Hydroxyl ion (OH-) or bicarbonate ion (HCO3-) substance that binds to H+.
Strong Acid
Completely dissociates in solution, releasing all of its hydrogen ions and thus lowering solution pH level.
Weak Acid
Does not release all of it's hydrogen ions in a solution.
Strong Base
Strong tendency to bind H+ and having a lesser effect on solution pH.
Weak Base
Bind less of H+, having lesser effect on solution pH.
PCO2 Levels
40-45 mm Hg
Bicarbonate Levels
22-30 mmol/L
pH Levels
In Order to Maintain Homeostasis..
Utilize both chemical and physiological buffering systems.
Formula for Acid Base Balance
pH falls below 7.35.
pH rise over 7.45.
Respiratory Acidosis
Hypoventilation, decrease in blood that include: airway obstruction, depression of the respiratory center in the brain stem, lung disease, and drug overdose. Secretion of H+ into urine causes an increase in plasma pH.