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  1. illae
  2. demonstrative adjective
  3. tōtum
  4. hōrum
  5. illārum
  1. a feminine, nominative, plural
  2. b masculine/neuter, genitive, plural
  3. c when demonstratives modify nouns, they function as adjectives; since they are by nature emphatic, they regularly precede the nouns they modify
  4. d masculine, accusative, singular
  5. e feminine, genitive, pluaral

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  1. feminine, ablative, singular
  2. masculine/feminine/neuter, genitive, singular
  3. masculine/feminine/neuter, dative/nominative, singular/plural
  4. masculine/feminine/neuter, dative/nominative, singular/plural
  5. feminine/neuter, nominative, singular/plural

5 True/False questions

  1. nūllīusmasculine/feminine/neuter, dative/nominative, singular/plural


  2. hāsfeminine, accusative, plural


  3. ūnīusmasculine/feminine/neuter, dative/nominative, singular/plural


  4. hancmasculine, accusative, singular


  5. illōmasculine, accusative, plural