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Hospital Corpsman 3rd class exam

March 2012
Manual of Preventive Medicine
What is NAVMED P-5010 ?
Navy and Marine Corps personnel are to be in a deploy-able status at all time and ensuring immunization are up to date in according with which instruction ?
Airborne, Droplet, Contact
What are the three transmission based precautions ?
Flag Officer
What is printed or stamped on the lower portion of the patient identification box on the HREC for officers 0-6 and above ?
SF 600
When an active duty member is declared a deserter or MIA a note will be made on in the members health record under what form?
17 JUN 1898 by President Mckinley
When was the Hospital Corps established and by whom?
12 JAN 1944 Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES)
When were women first brought into the Hospital Corps?
02 APR 1948
When did our current ranking structure for Hospital Corpsman take effect?
01 OCT 2005
When did Dental Tech's merge with The Hospital Corpsman Rate
What is a substance that contributes to growth and maintenance of the body ?
Water, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fats. Vitamins, Minerals
Name the six essential Nutrients
How many calories are in a 1000 ml bag of D5W?
Vitamin A, E, D, K
Name the fat soluble vitamins
Blood Agents, Blister Agents, Pulmonary Agents, Nerve Agents, Riot Control Agents
What are the classes of Chemical Agents ?
M9 detection paper, M8 detection paper, The M256A1 chemical agent detector kit
What are three ways to detect Chemical Agents?
Mission Oriented Protective Postures
What does Mopp stand for ?
Blister Agents (mustards)
What type of agents have a garlic, mustard or horseradish smell ?
Pulmonary Agent (Phosgene)
This type of agent has a new-mown hay or freshly cut grass odor
Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins
Name the three types of Biological agents used as weapons
What is the Science of treating disease by any method that will alleviate pain, treat or cure or prolong life
Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
What is the most widley used text reference pertaining to pharmacology and is also known as the "Blue Bible of Pharmacology" ?
24; 150
The therapuetic dose is based off of the average __ year old male who weighs about __ pounds.
What is the most common factor that influences the dosage of medication ?
to calculate pediatric dosage;
Age in years
___________ X adult dose = child's dose
Age in years + 12
What is youngs rule used for and what is the formula?
weight in pounds
______________ X adult dose = child's dose
What is the formula for Clarks rule ?
How many milliliters are equal to a teaspoon ?
No more than 5
In accordance with BUMEDINST 6230.15 how many vaccinations are allowed to be given in one day ?
15 to 20 min
According to BUMEDINST 6230.15 how long must one who received a vaccination be observed for ?
3 years after the last day of treatment
In accordance with BUMEDINST 6230.2 how long must one diagnosed with malaria wait before donating blood ?
41 degrees in 4 hours
Advance preparation foods must be immediately cooled after cooking to what temperature within what amount of time? (NAVMED P-5010)
removed dust with a camel hairbrush, lense tissue, oil solvents(Xylene)
Name agents used to clean a microscope
4,500 to 11,000 cells per cubic millimeter
What is the normal WBC range in adults ?
Health Service Augmentation Program (HSAP)
What is BUMEDINST 6440.5
Triangular cartilaginous structure located between the tongue and the trachea also known as the "Voice Box" is called ??
What structure of the respiratory system serves both the respiratory/digestive systems and aids in speech ?
Phrenic Nerve
What nerve controls the Diaphragm
6,500 ml
About how much air can the lungs hold ?
Residual air
What is the amount of amount of air remaining in the lungs after forceful exhalation called?
What part of the brain is concerned chiefly with bringing balance, harmony, and coordination ?
Frontal lobe, Parietal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, Occipital Lobe
What are the four lobes of the Cerebrum ?
Frontal Lobe
Which Lobe of the brain is associated with higher mental process such as memory ?
12 Pairs of Cranial Nerves and 31 Pairs of Spinal Nerves
What does the Peripheral Nervous System consist of ?
Denial, Anger, Barganing, Depression, Acceptance
What are the five stages of Death?
A spica or figure-eight type of bandage
What type of bandage would you used to wrap an elbow?
So the rear bearer can monitor airway
When moving a patient on a stretcher why do we move the patient feet fist ?
Stokes Stretcher
What is the most common type of stretcher used to transport sick or injured persons ?
How many blankets should the Stoked stretcher be padded with ?
Miller board
What type of stretcher allows passage through hatches and crowded passageways ??
5 Liters
On Average the Adult body consist of about how many liters of blood ?
Bright red blood that tends to spurt with each heart beat is known as coming from what source if cut?
Soman, Sarin, Tuban, VX
What are some nerve agents ?
Blister Agents are also known as what ?
mustard, nitrogen mustard, lewisite, phosgene oxime.
Name the types of blister agents
what type of blister agent has a geranium or fruity smell ?
What type of agent has a almond type smell ?
What is the body's self regulated control of its internal environment?
smooth muscle
This type of muscle has involuntary movement
How many bones are in the human body?
Long bones
The femur and humerus are what type of bones ?
skull, vertebral column and thorax
What does the Axial skeleton consist of ?
What is the first movable vertebra called ?
How many cervical vertebra are there ?
True ribs
The first seven pairs of ribs are called ?
Bones from upper and lower extremities
The appendicular skeleton consist of ?
Turning outward is known as ?
The layer of skin we can see is known as what ?
What organ is the graveyard for old worn out Red Blood Cells?
sinoatrial node (SA NODE)
What is the primary pacemaker of the heart.
Relaxation of the heart is known as what ?
Contraction of the heart is known as what ?
15- 30 breaths per min
What is the normal respiratory rate for a child ?
The temporal lobe is associated with what ?
Medulla Oblongata
What part of the brain controls heart rate, respiration, and circulation ?
Within the Island Of Langerhans alpha cells secrete what ?
Malleus, Incus, Stapes
The middle ear consist of what 3 bones ?
Name the function unit of the kidney
4.6 to 8.0
What is the normal PH of urine ?
What is the SF 550 ?
Immunization records
What is the SF 601 ?
Typhus, Influenza, Measles, Yellow Fever
One with an egg allergy cannot receive what immunizations ?
1.015 to 1.030
What is the specific gravity for urine ?
Which cranial nerve deals with tongue movement ?
Moisture, Temperature, Nutrition, Oxygen
What are the four requirements for bacteria to grow ?
Chapter 6
What chapter of NAVMED P-117 deals with Dental ?
Orange urine could indicate what ?
What color would a patients medical record be with the last four of 5621 ?
Cholera, Yellow Fever, Plague, Smallpox
What are the four quarantineable diseases ?
Nerve agents
For what Chemical agent is Atropine recommended as part of treatment ?
Chapter 1
What chapter of NAVMED P-5010 is associated with food sanitation ?
What mineral promotes hair and nail formation ?
Carry oxygen throughout the body
What is the function of the mineral iron ?
What type of mosquito transmits malaria ?