Chapter 15

25 terms by atetweety

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Spongy, porous bone tissue is also called
a.) Yellow bone marrow
b.) Bone Fissure
c.) Compact bone
d.) Bone sinus
e.) Cancellous bone

e.) Cancellous bone

Outward extension of the shoulder bone is the
a.) Xiphoid process
b.) Acetabulum
c.) Acromion
d.) Vertebral arh
e.) Patella

C.) Acromion

An opening or passage in bones where blood vessels and nerves enter and leave is a
a.) fissure
b.) Sulcus
c.) Tuberosity
d.) Foramen
e.) Fossa

d.) Foramen

The projection of the temporal bone is the
a.) Malleolus
b.) Epiphysis
c.) Xiphoid process
d.) Mastoid process
e.) Tubercle

d.) Mastoid process

Knuckle-like process at the end of a bone is called a
a.) Fontanelle
b.) Tuberocity
c.) Trochaanter
d.) Xiphoid process
e.) Condyle

e.) Condyle

Mandible, vomer, maxilla, and zygomatic are all bones of the
a.) Face
b.) Cranium
c.) Spine
d.) Pelvis
e.) Thorax

a.) Face

Occipital, sphenoid, frontal, temporal, and ethmoid are bones of the
a.) Face
b.) Cranium
c.) Spine
d.) Pelvis
e.) Thorax

b.) Cranium

The shaft of a long bone is called a
a.) Olecranon
b.) Periosteum
c.) Osteoclast
d.) Epiphysis
e.) Diaphysis

e.) Diaphysis

Poor formation of bone
a.) Osteolysis
b.) Osteodystrophy
c.) Decalcification
d.) Myelopoiesis
e.) Osteoclasis

b.) Osteodystrophy

Slipping or subluxation of a vertebra
a.) Spongdylitis
b.) Rachitis
c.) Kyphosis
d.) Spondylolisthesis
e.) Lordosis

d.) Spondylolisthesis

Operation performed to relieve the symptoms of a slipped disk
a.) Patellapexy
b.) Arthroscopy
c.) Osteoclasis
d.) Laminectomy
e.) Metacarpectomy

d.) Laminectomy

Lateral curvature of the spinal column
a.) Lordosis
b.) Scoliosis
c.) Kyphosis
d.) Spina bidisa
e.) Pubic symphysis

b.) Scoliosis

Vitammin D deficiency leads to softening of bone, which is known as
a.) Osteomalacia
b.) Lumbago
c.) Osteogenesis imperfecta
d.) Osteoporosis
e.) Hypercalcemia

a.) Osteomalacia

Pertaining to the upper arm bone
a.) Humeral
b.) Tibial
c.) Radial
d.) Ulnar
e.) Carpal

a.) Humeral

The shoulder bone is the
a.) Patella
b.) Sternum
c.) Scapula
d.) Clavicle
e.) Vertebra

c.) Scapula

The smaller of the two lower leg bones is the
a.) Calcaneus
b.) Tibia
c.) Fibula
d.) Tarsal bone
e.) Malleolus

c.) Fibula

Inflammation of bone and bone marrow
a.) osteitis fibrosa cystica
b.) Multiple myeloma
c.) Osteomyelitis
d.) Osteroporosis
e.) Osteochondroma

c.) Osteomyelitis

a.) Exotosis
b.) Osteogenic sarcoma
c.) Bunion
d.) Talipes
e.) Bursitis

d.) Talipes

A splintered or crushed bone
a.) Comminuted fracture
b.) Greenstick fracture
c.) Crepitation
d.) Compression fracture
e.) Impacted fracture

a.) Comminuted fracture

Surgical repair of a joint
a.) Arthroplasty
b.) Fasciectomy
c.) Achondroplasia
d.) Tenorrhaphy
e.) Arthrosis

a.) Arthroplasty

Condition of stiffening an immpobility of a joint
a.) Hemarthrosis
b.) Fibrositis
c.) Bursitis
d.) Kyphosis
e.) Ankylosis

e.) Ankylosis

Chronic inflammation of bones and joints due to degenerative changes in cartilage
a.) Ankylosing spongylitis
b.) Rheumatoid arthritis
c.) Chondromalacia
d.) Osteoarthritis
e.) Systemic lupus erythematosus

d.) Osteoarthritis

Inflammation of joints caused by excessive uric acid accumulation
a.) Bunion
b.) Bursitis
c.) Gouty arthritis
d.) Sciatica
e.) Myositis

c.) Gouty arthritis

Malignant tumor of smooth muscle
a.) Rhabdomyosarcoma
b.) Leiomyosarcoma
c.) Rhabdomyoma
d.) Leiomyoma
e.) Myorrhaphy

b.) Leiomyosarcoma

Wasting away (no development) of muscle
a.) Myasthenia
b.) Myalgia
c.) Hypertrophy
d.) Atrophy
e.) Myositis

d.) Atrophy

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