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Fibrous layer of clear tissue that extends over the anterior portion of the eye and is continuous with the white of the eye
a.) Fundus
b.) Ciliary body
c.) Pupil
d.) Cornea
e.) Iris

d.) Cornea

Yellowish region in the retina; contains the fovea centralis
a.) Optic disc
b.) Posterior chamber
c.) Macula lutea
d.) Sclera
e.) Choroid

c.) Macula lutea

What eye structure is transparent, biconvex, and focuses light on the retina?
a.) Conjunctiva
b.) Lens
c.) Vitreous body
d.) Aqueous humor
e.) Sclera

b.) Lens

Place where optic nerve fibers cross in the brain
a.) Optic disc
b.) Opti chiasma
c.) Retina
d.) Olfactory lobe
e.) Cerebral cortex

b.) Optic chiasma

Adjustment of the lens by the ciliary body
a.) Accommodation
b.) Refraction
c.) Binocular vision
d.) Photophobia
e.) Amblyopia

a. Accommodation

Photosensitive receptor cells of the retinal make the perception of color possible
a.) Rods
b.) Cones
c.) Megakaryocyte
d.) Optic nerve
e.) Optic chiasm

b.) Cones

The combining form for cornea is
a.) Ocul/o
b.) Opt/o
c.) Scler/o
d.) Choroid/o
e.) Kerat/o

e.) Kerat/o

The combinging form for the ciliary body is
a.) Phak/o
b.) Lacrin/o
c.) Irid/o
d.) Cycl/o
e.) Cacry/o

d.) Cycl/o

The meaning of palpebr/o is
a. eyelid
b. cornea
c. tear gland
d. lens of the eye
e. optic nerve

a. eyelid

An eye inflammation commonly called "pinkeye" is
a. iritis
b. conjunctivitis
c. dacryoadenitis
d. scleritis
e. uveitis

b. conjunctivities

Impairment of vision due to old age
a. emmetropia
b. diplopia
c. esotropia
d. presbyopia
e. aniscoria

d. presbyopia

a.) Nearsightedness
b.) Farsightedness
c.) Astigmatism
d.) Strabismus
e.) Glaucoma

a. nearsightedness

a. Localized purulent infection of the eye
b. Atrophy of the retina
c. Esotropia
d. Exotropia
e. Defective curvature of the cornea or lens

e. Defective curvature of the cornea

Glaucoma is primarily diagnosed
a. Tonometry
b. ophthalmoscopy
c. Slit-lamp biomicroscopy
d. Fluorescein angiography
e. Visual field exam

a. tonometry

A blind spot; area of depressed vision surrounded by an area of normal vision
a. nyctalopia
b. exotropia
c. scotoma
d. esotropia
e. strabismus

c. scotoma

Macular degeneration produces
a. loss of central vision
b. hemianopia
c. retinal detachment
d. nystagmus
e. cataracts

a. loss of central vision

Small hard mass on the eyelid; formed from a sebaceous gland enlargement
a. scleral buckle
b. blepharochalasis
c. chalazion
d. cataract
e. steatoma

c. chalazion

Small-shaped, spirally wound tube in the inner ear is the
a. aurile
b. cochlea
c. auditory meatus
d. utricle
e. pinna

b. cochlea

Channel between the middle ear and the nasopharynx
a. organ of corti
b. semicircular canal
c. labyrinth
d. eustachian tube
e. oval window

d. eustachian tube

Myring/o means
a. cerumen
b. tympanic membrane
c. stapes
d. auditory canal
e. semicircular canals

b. tympanic membrane

Bacterial infection of the middle ear
a. serous obtitis media
b. cholesteatoma
c. mastoiditis
d. barotitis
e. suppurative otitis media

e. suppurative otitis media

a. Hearing loss occuring with old age
b. Dizziness associated with nausea and sensation of whirling motion
c. Ringing sounds in ears
d. Dysphonia
e. Aural discharge

c. Ringing sounds in ears

Visual examination of the ear
a. Audiometry
b. Otoscopy
c. Tympanometry
d. Tuning fork test
e. Ophthalmoscopy

b. otoscopy

Nerve deafness occuring with aging
a. Vertigo
b. meniere disease
c. acoustic neuroma
d. presbycusis
e. otopyorrhea

d. presbycusis

Fungal infection of the ear
a. macrotia
b. salpingitis
c. otomycosis
d. cholesteatoma
e. labyrinthitis

c. otomycosis

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