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What formula do you use to calculate percent of sales of an item?

Divide the total sales of that specific item by the total sales of everything!!!

The ________ feature can generate a series of values into adjacent cells based on the value of other cells.


The default format for a number typed into Excel is the ________ format.


The keyboard shortcut for the AutoSum feature is:

[Alt] + [=]

The keyboard shortcut to view Print Preview is:


On a column chart, the category labels display along the ________ axis.


A(n) ________ chart is useful for illustrating comparisons among related numbers.


[Alt] + [Page Up]

one full screen left

Workbook-level buttons

minimizes or restores the displayed workbook

includes the combination of chart elements to be displayed

chart layout

displays along the bottom of the chart to identify the category of data

category label

refers to the overall visual look of the chart

chart style

Symbols used to specify the calculations to be performed in a formula are called:


Use the ________ dialog box to insert a footer on a chart sheet.

page setup

cell reference that adjusts automatically when a formula is copied


cell reference that will not adjust when a formula is copied


outlines cells in color to aid in verifying formulas

range finder

drag down to copy a formula from one cell to cells below

fill handle

used to perform mathematical calculations

arithmetic operator

moves up one cell

shift + enter

moves right one full screen

[Alt] + [Page Down]

To simultaneously close your workbook and the Excel program click ________ from the Office menu.

exit excel

To reopen a workbook once Excel is opened, you can check the ________ from the Office menu to see if the file is there and click on it.

recent documents

All formulas begin with the ________ sign.


By default, text in Excel is ________.

left aligned

From the Save As dialog box, click ________ to see a list of the available storage drives.

save in arrow

A ________ will display to indicate a cell contains an error message.

green triangle in upper left corner of cell

________ charts show the relationship of each part of data in reference to the whole.


When you start the Excel program, a new blank ________ displays.


Press ________ to move the active cell one position to the right.


A column, bar, area, dot, pie slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single data point is called a:

data marker

Press ________ to display the underlying formulas used in the worksheet.

ctrl '

The background of a cell is called the:

fill color

________ is the process of changing the appearance of cells and the overall layout of the worksheet.


The keyboard shortcut for the AutoSum feature is:

alt =

By default, when numerical data is selected, which of the following calculations do NOT display in the status bar?


The default setting is for a new Excel workbook to contain ________ worksheets.


Use the ________ command to display text on two lines within a cell.

wrap text

A workbook sheet that contains only a chart is called a:

chart sheet

To specify ranges of cells that are nonadjacent, separate the ranges with a:


To make a cell reference absolute, ________ are inserted into the cell reference.

dollar signs

A chart that is displayed as an object within a worksheet is called a(n):

embedded chart

Bold, Italic, and Underline are ________, which means that you can click the button one time to turn the formatting on and click it again to turn it off.

toggle buttons

A ________ is a predefined set of colors, fonts, lines, and fill effects that look good together and can be applied to a portion of the worksheet.


________ displays between columns to indicate page breaks and what will be printed on a page.

vertical dotted line

New rows are inserted ________ the selected row and existing rows shift accordingly.


From anywhere in the worksheet, you can press ________ to move to cell A1.

ctrl home

The intersection of a column and row is called a:


Use ________ to prepare the spreadsheet for printing.

page layout view

When asked for formula for percentage of increase in total monthly sales from previous months?

(Total in column your looking for - the total from the column before)/total from column before!!!

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