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Paradigm Midterm

Dr. Wald Paradigm midterm
What would you define as objective?
1. all life on the planet comes from a chance union of pre-existent chemicals
2. an unknown number of genetic mutations created the diversity of life
3. that only those forms that could adapt to the envirnment survived. subjective reality is the result of chemical reactions
What would you define as subjective?
1. there is a life force within each living thing in (innate intelligance)
2. consciousness life force creates form
3. all life forms were created independently
All life comes from a union of pre exsisting chemicals which have survived through adaption to the environment and can be physically tested would be what type of reality?
Objective reality
There is a life force within each living thing which all things are independently created such as thoughts, emotions, and clairvoyance which cannot be physically tested is which type of reality?
Subjective reality
A complex system which it sums up it's parts as only individual constituents.
Reductionist Paradigm
Idea that living things are lacking any intrinsic relationship with each other and may be fixed by an external remedy.
Mechanism (drugs, surgery)
Germs cause disease and the human body may be protected with the aid of pharmaceuticals and there should be a response to every human malady.
Germ theory (Louis Pasteur)
a complex system is more than just a sum of parts. May be healed by an alternative medicine.
Holistic paradigm
ACC position on Chiropractic.
Chiropractic is a health care discipline that emphasizes the inherent recuperative pwer of the body to heal itself without use of drugs or surgery. Focused on structure and function of and how that relationshipaffects the preservation and restoration of health. Chiropractors recognize the responsibility to work in cooperation with other health care practitioners when in the interest of the patient.
The chiropractic paradigm.
Purpose - is to optimize health
Principle - body's innate recuperative power is affected by and itegrated through the nervouse system.
Practice - establish a diagnosis
-neurological and biomechanical integrity via case management.
Define what choices we do to represent chiropractics.
Case management
Health promotion
vitalism is defined as
The life force. Process of life are not explicible by laws of physics. Each body has the innate ability to fight disease
Holism is defined as
The body is a unit. Patient is considered a whole person.
Naturalism is defined as
Avoid drugs, and surgery consisting of a natural diet.
Humanism is defined as
Compassionate manor. Includes interests, values, dignity.
Conservativism is defined as
Natural health care form, including minimal intervention, active participation of patient, and minimal treatment.
Rationalism is defined as
Logic and evidenc based with a clinical experience.
Manual therapy is defined as
hands directly contacting the body. Mechanical, soft tissue, neurological, and psychological effects.
Mobilization is defined as
movement applied singularly or repeatively at the physiological range of motion (no thrusting)
Manipulation is defined as
A direct thrust to move a joint without exceeding the anatomical limit.
Adjustment is defined as
Any chiropractic procedure that utilizes controlled force, leverage, direction, amplitude, and velocity at a specific joint or anatomical region.
Manipulable subluxation is defined as
subluxation in which altered alignment, movement, and function can be improved by a thrust.
Subluxation complex is defined as
A theoretical model of a subluxation that incorporates the interaction of pathological changes in nerve, muscle, ligament, vascular, and connective tissue.
Subluxation syndrome is defined as
signs and symptons that relate to the disfunction of a motion segment to periphereal joints.
Motion segment is defined as
a functional unit made of two adjacent articulation surfaces with connective tissue binding them together.