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Basic computer terms.


A computer network that offers email and service to millions of users around the world. A collection of all the websites around the world, creating a web of computers and programs, sort of like a spider's web

The Web

Another way of saying the Internet; the World Wide Web. The "information highway"


A place on the internet where you can get information, see pictures or videos, find maps, learn new things


Part of a website

Computer program

The special codes or directions that make a computer work


A group of computers that work together or share information


A tool or package of directions on the computer that are put together for a special purpose, like Study Island or Accelerated Reader, or Google Docs


To type in or to send a message, click ENTER key


Click to move through a document or to a new location in it


Something you create on the computer. Document. Work


A typed work you create on the computer. Your work. Sometimes called a "word document."


Special document created to hold lists or keep track of numbers. Has rows and columns.


Information or work in a document


Letters, numbers, or symbols---what you type


Words in a document, what you type


A blinking line that shows your location in a document


Change or correct


Choose, highlight

Select All ctrl+A (A for all)

Choose all


Select by holding down mouse button and rolling over a section to "highlight" it

Start menu

"Globe" at bottom with collection of shortcuts to websites or programs


Pathway. String of steps to follow to get to a website Directions.


Universal Resource Locator or website name


Move up or down a page on the screen

Dropdown menu

At an arrow, click to see choices


A way to have more than one page open at the same time


Another way to have more than one page open at the same time; also the name of an operating system, what make the computer run.


Part of the logging on or starting up process

Log in

The way to get "into" or access the computer


Specific name for the user of a computer


Secret code for each user; at the school media center, the password to enter each computer is "lab" which is short for "computer lab."


To save your work or a document on the computer; it has to be named first

Save As

Naming your work or document before saving it on the computer. Choose your name for the document carefully so the computer can find the work later for you

X out of that

Means to click on the X and leave that program or close that work

Close at the Red X

Part of logging off. You have to Close each tab or window.

Sign off

Important step in leaving a website where you have a personal private account and need to keep your own work safe and private.

Do not log off!

Sometimes you do not log off so that the next user can get to work more quickly on the same website.

Do not shut down!

Sometimes you do not shut down because another user is coming and it will take too long to re-start or re-boot the computer


ctrl+C (c for copy) Shortcut for copying typing or pictures from one document or website to another


ctrl+V (v for Velcro) Shortcut for pasting or "sticking with Velcro" something that you are moving from another document or website to another


ctrl+x Shortcut Remove a highlighted part of text


What the typing looks like---the style of the letters

Font size (pixels)

The size of the letters you type

B Bold

Making letters darker

I Italics

Making letter slanty

U Underline

Underlining words


A place to keep files or work together. Usually for work that is on the same subject or topic. A folder gets a name too.

My Documents

A collection of your files and your folders, your work

Firefox Mozilla

One of the tools or programs that runs a computer and connects it to the Internet. Others like this are Chrome and Internet Explorer.


Electronic mail. One way to "talk to" or communicate with someone else on the "web"

The Cloud

Cyberspace. Having to do with the Internet. An imaginary place.

Cloud Computing

Saving your work and working on it "in the cloud" of cyberspace, instead of saving it to one computer only

Google Docs

Documents created in "the cloud"

Google Apps

A collection of tools that use "the cloud"


Short for websites created with Google Apps, often including Google Docs


The way to share your work with someone else in the Google Docs system (This is different from emailing your work)


Using good manners on the Internet. "Etiquette" means good manners. Net + etiquette = Netiquette

Social network

A place to communicate with or "talk to" other people online. Examples are My Space and Facebook and Club Penguin.


Instant Messaging—like talking to someone online, but typing your conversation instead. Happens in "real" time---you are both communicating at once.


Central Processing Unit---gives all directions to your computer


Computer screen. An output device.


Machine that prints what the computer directs it to. An output device.


To make a hard copy of work


Place to type on. An Input device.


Piece of equipment that helps us move around the screen. An input device.


Tap on screen with mouse---left or right buttons do different things.

Hard drive

Inside the tower or box, part of the CPU, this has the "guts" of the equipment to run the computer and store the programs and files

Flash drive or jump drive or thumb drive

Piece of equipment you can store files on and physically move to another computer

CD (Compact Disc) or DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)

Piece of equipment you can store files on and physically move to another computer; holds less data or information than the flash drive or jump drive or thumb drive


Harmful programs that tell your computer to do destructive things that damage your computer or files and documents.


Program that let's you receive data
or documents from another computer


Program that let's you send data
or documents to another computer


An organized collection of information online

Spell check

Tool that check for misspelled words


A method for finding information

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