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When you are interviewing a patient, the use of closed questions is indicated when you are

looking for a one-word or short answer

Which of the following is an example of a closed question?

"are you an only child"

During the interview, the medical assistant questions the patient as follows: "Describe your pain for me. What has been going on with you since you were last here? How has your appetite been? How have you been sleeping? all these are example of

open-ended questions

Being a good communicator means that the medical assistant will

be effective in sending and receiving messages

The use of arm gestures, facial expressions, and turning one's head are all examples of

nonverbal communication

The tone of voice,speech, and sighing on the part of the patient while speaking are all examples of

verbal communication

Which of the following statements is most likely to result in compliance by the patient?

"please remove your clothing from the waist up and put this gown on with the opening in the back. I will then call the doctor."

Factors that increase the effectiveness of communication include all of the following EXCEPT

avoiding eye contact with every patient

Which word is spelled correctly for the meaning "to advice"?


When something is not movable, we use the term


Which is NOT a step in becoming a better listener?

write down every word in conversation for documentation

Ways to improve communication with patients include all of the following EXCEPT

communicate with all patients the same way

Handling complaints from the patients includes all of the following EXCEPT

interrupt the physician with the complaint only if a lawsuit is threatened

Which of the following is NOT true about aging?

you need to shout to when speaking with the elderly patient

A developmental delayed patient

should be treated based on level of maturation

In dealing with patients with limited understanding, medical assistant should

give explanations slowly, and explain as they go along

When dealing with sight-impaired patients, the medical assistant should

ask. "Do you need help?" and/or "How can I help you?"

Factors that reduce the effectiveness of communication include

all of the above(languages barriers,cultural differences,geographic idiosyncrasies, both a and C)

Handling patients' complaints promptly

all of the above(can prevent lawsuits, can keep a good relationship with patients,will meet guidelines set forth by Medicare)

Treatment plans should take into consideration all of the following EXCEPT

amount of time needed to discuss treatment plan

Nonverbal communication comprises approximately_____percent of all communication


Which one of the following is NOT an important part of delivering messages?

Ability to multitask while delivering the message

_____is a communication distracter

Incorrect use of grammar

When communicating with a patient, it is best to ask_____questions


Interpreting body language is an important part of_______communication


Two typical nonverbal signals that our eyes send are pupil size and______

direction of gaze

______is NOT a nonverbal response


Numbers may be used as nouns or______


______is an automated answering device

Voice mail system

Which of the following is a disadvantage of voice mail?

Some people want to speak to a person immediately

Which of the following in NOT an item that can be included on a website?

All of the above could be included(Practice philosophy,Hours of operation, Billing and insurance information)

Advantages of a website include all of the following EXCEPT that_______

patients may not have access to the Internet

Faxes are or are not considered forms of original and legal documents


A disadvantage of e-mail messages is that______

messages once sent are often not retrievable

A______sentence expresses only one thought


Numbers that begin a sentence should be spelled out even if they are greater than______


which one of the following is correctly spelled?


Which one of the following is correctly spelled?


Which one of the following is correctly spelled?


Always use a______when sending a fax

cover sheet

_______is NOT a component of the communication process


Based on statistics,______percent of all communication is nonverbal


Assessing____from the receiver allows you to determine if the message was understood the way it was intended

all of the above(opinions,responses,feedback)

______involves hearing what the speaker is saying but not listening with enough effort to become personally involved in what is being said

Passive listening

Acceptable personal space is used for those times of closeness and is typically______feet apart

1.5 to 2.5

A(n)_____converts written material or pictures into electronic impulses that are transmitted by telephone lines and recorded magnetically and can be printed as a hard copy


"The three medical assistant all went to lunch together yesterday." Select the SUBJECT

medical assistants

Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Chris did not see how he could organize, write,and proofread the paper in only 2 hours

Which one of the following is NOT important in effective communication for patient teaching?

patient's dietary habits

When communicating with children, do all of the following EXCEPT________

use technical terms to explain all procedures

The ability to process new information and to apply it appropriately in a given setting reflects a patient's _______functioning


Three of the following statements pertain to considerations that should be made when accommodating patient with physical disabilities. which one does NOT pertain?

Restate directions and instructions frequently

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