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9 terms

Earth Science,Chapter 7 Sections 1 & 2

the thin and solid outermost layer of the Earth above the mantle
the layer of rock between the Earth's crust and core
the central part of the Earth below the mantle
the solid, outer layer of the Earth that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle.
the soft layer of the mantle on which the tectonic plates moves
the strong, lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core.
tectonic plates
a block of lithosphere that consists of the crust and the rigid, outermost part of the mantle.
continental drift
the hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, an drifted to their present locations
sea-floor spreading
the process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the surface and solidifies