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  1. By the time children get to middle and late childhood, they will spend approximately ___ of their time interacting with peers, as opposed to only 10% when they are 2 years of age.
  2. Jermaine and Latoya want to help their daughter develop high self-esteem. What should they do?
  3. Is it possible to develop an intelligence test that is truly culturally fair?
  4. Katrina becomes extremely upset when her brother tries to change the rules of their game, yelling, "You can't do that! You can't change rules!" Katrina is exhibiting which of the following types of moral reasoning?
  5. Neuroimaging studies have found that a particular part of the brain does not peak in children with ADHD until about 10 years of age, where it peaks in children without that diagnosis by the age of 7. Which part of the brain is referred to in these studies?
    A. the lateral geniculate nucleus of the hypothalamus
  1. a the cerebral cortex
  2. b teach her to face problems realistically and cope with them
  3. c Yes. It requires adapting the test language to fit the test-taker's culture.
  4. d 30
  5. e heteronomous morality

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  1. Asian students are in school many more days than American students.
  2. seriation.
  3. games
  4. physical abuse
  5. 12,000

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  1. Two identical glasses are filled to the same level with juice. A child then watches as the juice from one glass is poured into a taller, thinner glass. A child who is capable of concrete operational thought might say:"It's still the same amount of juice—you can tell by just pouring it back."


  2. Which of the following countries has the highest percentage of single-parent families?United States


  3. Kelson is trying to help his son deal with the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, 2001. One strategy Kelson should NOT implement is to:allow his child to watch repeated news footage of the tragedy.


  4. Your best friend sideswipes a car and drives away without reporting the accident. You do not report it either, even though you worry about the owner's loss, but over the next few days, you do talk to your friend about it. Your actions suggest that you are in which of Kohlberg's moral reasoning stages?demonstrating centration.


  5. Which of these is TRUE of gender schema theory?This theory states how ideas of gender appropriateness are developed.