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  1. From whose theory of cognitive development was the concept of sensorimotor play derived?
  2. Researchers refer to elementary school playgrounds as "gender school" because:
  3. Androgynous individuals are often thought to be more mentally healthy than nonandrogynous people. This statement is TRUE in:
  4. Which type of play is most common among 10- to 12-year-olds?
  5. Which mind-set considers the possibility that qualities can change and improve with effort over time?
  1. a Jean Piaget
  2. b growth
  3. c games
  4. d contexts that value androgyny.
  5. e children reinforce and punish each other for gender behaviors.

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  1. Child neglect
  2. mutual interpersonal expectations, relationships, and interpersonal conformity
  3. fine motor skills.
  4. dyscalculia
  5. universal ethical principles.

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  1. Which type of classrooms has been found in research to enhance advanced writing skills, and improve self-regulatory and cognitive control skills in at-risk preschool children?the education level of the mother


  2. Research has found that between 70 and 80% of victims of bullying are victimized by:a classmate.


  3. A police officer visits Laura's and Brett's class to discuss safety rules. To attract the children's attention, the officer brings colorful balloons and lots of jars of bubbles for the children to blow. Later, Laura tells her parents all about the balloons and bubbles but cannot remember any of the safety rules the officer presented. Laura obviously paid more attention to what was:it does not include a role for reasoning about relationships and concern for others.


  4. How would an 8-year-old child most likely describe herself?Some cultures do not recognize the idea of morality but rather think in terms of the way things are versus the way things could be. Lawrence Kohlberg stresses "should be" instead.


  5. For Jean Piaget, failing a conservation task indicates that the child is:reflect the cultures of some test takers more than others.