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  1. Quentin has been diagnosed with a relatively mild autism spectrum disorder. He often engages in repetitive routines, and he is preoccupied with airplanes. He studies them constantly, reads books and watches documentaries, and makes his father take him to the Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., every summer. Quentin might be most aptly diagnosed with:
  2. Research reported by Baumeister and others in 2003 shows that individuals with high self-esteem:
  3. Lev Vygotsky differs from Jean Piaget in how he stresses the relative importance of _______ for cognitive development.
  4. From whose theory of cognitive development was the concept of sensorimotor play derived?
  5. By the time a child graduates from high school, she/he will have spent approximately _________ hours in a classroom.
  1. a 12,000
  2. b social interaction
  3. c Jean Piaget
  4. d can be prosocial or antisocial.
  5. e Asperger syndrome

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  1. allow his child to watch repeated news footage of the tragedy.
  2. self-efficacy.
  3. moderate.
  4. empathy.
  5. classification.

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  1. Which of the following describes what Lev Vygotsky believed about the development of thought and language?Thought and language develop independently at first and merge later in development.


  2. The type of thinking that produces many answers to the same question is called:increase the speed of information traveling through the nerve cells.


  3. Boys are more _______ aggressive, whereas girls can be more _______ aggressive.cognitive stages are the underpinnings of morality.


  4. Jerome and Hani got up early on Saturday morning and decided to make "breakfast in bed" for their mother. While reaching for the bed tray in the back of the hall cabinet, they accidentally bumped and broke one of their mother's favorite porcelain dolls. Jerome knew that he was going to get into "big trouble," and he thought that he should get into big trouble. Hani told him not to worry because Mom would understand that it was an accident. In what stage would Jean Piaget categorize the moral reasoning, respectively, of Jerome and Hani?androgynous.


  5. Tiesha's behavior is controlled by external rewards and punishments reflecting which level of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development?preconventional reasoning