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  1. The stage of preoperational thought lasts from age ________ years until age ________ years.
  2. Micah has been rejected by most of her peers, whereas Ezra is neglected by them. Which of the following would be expected about these two children?
  3. Self-esteem is to _______ self-evaluation as self-concept is to _______ self-evaluation.
  4. At what age do children show a preference to spend time with a same-sex playmate?
  5. Research into the effects of high levels of self-regulation have found that higher self-control in children between the ages of 4 and 10 years was related to lower levels of:
  1. a Micah will probably be more disruptive in school and at home than Ezra.
  2. b global; domain-specific
  3. c around 3 years old
  4. d deviant behavior.
  5. e 2; 7

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  1. equal
  2. emotion security theory
  3. individualism, instrumental purpose, and exchange
  4. androgynous.
  5. They are limited in predicting behavior considering the many other influencing factors.

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  1. Approximately __________ of lesbians are parents.20%


  2. Females are often perceived as more emotionally expressive than males. This could be because females:are socialized to show their emotions more than males.


  3. What is morphology?increase the speed of information traveling through the nerve cells.


  4. Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of friendship that is proposed by Gottman and Parker?being hit, slapped, or pushed


  5. Myelination in the brain serves to:good at modeling prosocial behaviors for children.


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