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  1. Mimi looks at her mother and says, "Grandma can't be your mother, because she is my grandmother." Mimi does not yet understand:
  2. When teachers adjust their level of support and guidance to the level of skill of the student, it is called:
  3. By the time a child graduates from high school, she/he will have spent approximately _________ hours in a classroom.
  4. Tavonte has been having serious problems in his math class. As hard as he and his teachers have tried, he is having major difficulty grasping the basic concepts of arithmetic functions. Which learning disorder might Tavonte be suffering with?
  5. With regard to family processes, which of the following patterns has been supported by research?
  1. a scaffolding.
  2. b disequilibrium immediately after the divorce, then restabilization 2 years later
  3. c 12,000
  4. d classification.
  5. e dyscalculia

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  1. less time with them.
  2. concrete.
  3. they are emotionally supported for their efforts.
  4. the same sex.
  5. Lack of conservation is reflected in centration.

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  1. The _______ approach stresses that reading instruction should parallel a child's natural language learning.psychoanalytic


  2. Which mind-set considers the possibility that qualities can change and improve with effort over time?growth


  3. Which parenting style leads to social incompetence in children?None of these


  4. Young children tend to believe that when a rule is broken, punishment will follow inevitably. This is referred to as belief in:take the responsibility of the task they are learning from the adult who is helping them.


  5. Many intelligence tests are biased in that they:nerve cells become insulated with a layer of fat.