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  1. Currently, researchers are considering all of the following as possible causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), EXCEPT:
  2. Three-year-olds scribble all over the page, but 4-year-olds can make more precise drawings that adults can understand. This is because 4-year-olds have more highly developed:
  3. Women tend to have about _______.
  4. Tavonte has been having serious problems in his math class. As hard as he and his teachers have tried, he is having major difficulty grasping the basic concepts of arithmetic functions. Which learning disorder might Tavonte be suffering with?
  5. Erik Erikson's fourth stage of development, appearing during middle and late childhood, is called:
  1. a child abuse.
  2. b dyscalculia
  3. c fine motor skills.
  4. d twice as much body fat as men
  5. e industry versus inferiority.

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  1. the captain of the tennis team.
  2. Elaboration
  3. 8
  4. immanent justice.
  5. better physical health

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  1. How is Lawrence Kohlberg's theory culturally biased?good at modeling prosocial behaviors for children.


  2. The most common problem that characterizes children with learning disabilities is the inability to:Boys are more likely to have a learning disability.


  3. Which of the following emotions are not in the same "category" as the other three?fear


  4. The neo-Piagetians seem to incorporate ideas from another view about cognitive development and learning. What other view is this?information-processing approach to cognition


  5. Paul has an IQ of 68. He lives in his own apartment and supports himself with a job. He has many friends, goes bowling, and eats out frequently. He has no difficulty adapting to everyday life. According to the definition of mental retardation, Paul is:
    A. organically retarded.
    around 3 years old


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