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  1. The most common problem that characterizes children with learning disabilities is the inability to:
  2. Tiesha's behavior is controlled by external rewards and punishments reflecting which level of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development?
  3. Colin does not earn high grades on standardized tests but has a black belt in martial arts. According to Gardner, Colin has _______ skills.
  4. According to Lawrence Kohlberg, the highest and most internalized level of moral development is to be found in the stage called:
  5. How would an 8-year-old child most likely describe herself?
  1. a universal ethical principles.
  2. b "I am nice, and I have a friend named Julie."
  3. c spatial
  4. d preconventional reasoning
  5. e pay attention.

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  1. The overly simplistic model that suggests that birth-order effects are very large ignores the complexity of influences on a child's development.
  2. it allows children to relieve and master tension and anxiety.
  3. dyscalculia
  4. empathy.
  5. postconventional

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  1. Why are there different patterns of gender-related attitudes and behavior in different ethnic groups?The status of females in relation to males is different in different ethnic groups.


  2. If you were to ask a 6-year-old child to give you another word for "fair," which of the following responses would you be most likely to get?concrete.


  3. In response to child misbehavior, most child psychologists recommend:all of these.


  4. The drawings that 3-year-old Sally creates tend to be rather inventive and include scribbled designs that represent people, houses, cars, dogs, and so on. Which Piagetian stage/substage of cognitive development is Sally in?symbolic function substage


  5. Myelination in the brain serves to:nerve cells become insulated with a layer of fat.