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These are from the program A Beka Book by Pensacola Christian College

What is a type of painting which portrays ordinary objects such as fruit or flowers?

Still life

Who painted "My Gems"?

William Harnett

Who painted "Bouquet of Lilacs"?

Edouard Manet

What is a truth expressed in the form of an apparent contradiction?


Who wrote "Ilyas"?

Leo Tolstoy

Who was Ilyas and his wife's neighbor?

Muhammad Shah

Who wrote "The Mansion"?

Henry van Dyke

What was John Weightman's occupation?


Why did John Weightman have a shack in heaven?

Because those were all the materials he sent up there.

Who painted "Flower Still Life"?

Rachel Ruysch

What is a reference to mythology, history, or a literary work?


Who wrote "Contentment"?

Oliver Wendell Holmes

What literary devise is used in "Contentment"?


Who wrote "Christian Perfection"?

William Law

What is the theme of "Christian Perfection"?

Colossians 3:1

Who wrote "The Silver Mine"?

Selma Lagerlof

In the "Silver Mine," what did the king want from the people?


In what country did the "Silver Mine" take place?


In the "Silver Mine," how many men discovered the mine?


What country is Selma Lagerlof from?


In the "Silver Mine," who became drunk and died?

Innkeeper-Sten Stensson

In the "Silver Mine," who killed himself because he sold his share of the money?

Israel Per Persson

Who was the hero in the "Silver Mine"?

The parson

In the "Silver Mine," who killed his brother and was going to be hanged?

Olaf Svard

Name the story and who said it: "The kingdom is better served with men than with money."

"The Silver Mine" and the king said it.

Who wrote "The Cobbler and the Rich Man"?

Jean de la Fontaine

Who was a French author famous for his verse fables?

Jean de la Fontaine

Who painted "Flowers and Fruit"?

Henri Fantin-Latour

Who wrote "The Brothers"?

Bjornstjerne Bjornson

What country was Bjornstjerne Bjornson from?


In the "Brothers," what were the two brother's names?

Baard and Anders

What initially caused the dissension between the two brothers?

Gold watch

Who painted "Dahlias in a Vase of Delft"?

Paul Cezanne

Who was the main person in "Acres of Diamonds"?

Ali Hafed

Who said a diamond is a congealed drop of sunlight?

The priest

How did Ali Hafed die?

He drowned himself

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