Explorers come to the americas

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1521What year did Cortez defeat the Aztec empire?1609What year did Henry Hudson claim the Hudson River Valley for the Netherlands?CompassWhat device (invention)helped the Portuguese sailor reach Asia in the 1500th century?PlantationsThe Spanish build these because of the growing demand for sugar?LedendsEvidence that the Seven Cities ExistedColumbusTook 4 voyages that handed in places that were close to one another. Took very same routes in all 4 voyagesColumbian ExchangeCheep labor lead to the beginning of the Aftrican SlaveTradeWar, Sickness & StarvationCause for the decline in population of Central Mexico from 1500-1600Wanted Pets to TravelColumbian Exchange transferred animals from Europe to America for this reasonFrench, Dutch & EnglishWanted a way to find a Northwest Passage to find AsiaSpanish ArmadaKing Philips built for the purpose of taking over England.EpidemicWide spread of disease.SettlementSmall community of peopleRebelTo fight against anotherSlaveryTo work with no payNavigationInstrument for a ship to navigate