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v. To state as a fact but without offering proof
alleged adj. Claimed to be true
allegation n. Something that is allleged


adj. Putting an end to doubt; convincing


n. A person or thing similar to another


adj. Dark or extremely gloomy
2. Causing misery or sadness; depressing


v. To hold the attention of as though under a spell
enthralling adj. Having the power to enthrall


adj. Fascinating because of being very different from the ordinary


adj. Doubtful; skeptical
2. Showing disbelief
incredulity n. Doubt or disbelief


adj. Well-known; famous and much talked about over a long period of time
2. Relating to a story (usually untrue) handed down from the past


v. To prowl or lie hidden, as though about to attack


n. A collection of animals kept in cages for showing to the public


adj. Inexperienced; ready to accept without analyzing
2. Simple in a childlike way; innocent


v. To give or promise what is wanted in order to please someone


adj. Seeming to be true but not necessarily so


adj. Too absurd to be believed; ridiculous


adj. marked by close attention to the smallest detail
2. Acting in a correct and honest manner

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