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CMAA Exam Review

Although there are credit adjustments, most adjustments would be:

Subtracted from the patient's account.

The common abbreviation for "chest x-ray" is:


In the terminal digit chart number "12345.10", the numbers following the "." (decimal) would be:

Filed first.

The skin has layers; the dermis, epidermis and:


What type of consent is sufficient for common or simple procedures with little or no risk?

Implied Consent.

The most recent medical information in a patient's chart can usually be found:

On the top right side.

All entries written in to the medical record, or notations on a ledger, must be:

Initialed by the person making the entry.

The suffix -pathy means:


The total of all amounts still owing to the physician, for services rendered or procedures performed is called:

Accounts Receivables.

The abbreviation for "Cancer" is:


One important use of a "Tickler File" in the medical office is to:

Mail appointment reminders.

The combining word from hepato means:


You receive a check in your office paying for a patients deductible. This would have been sent, or paid by:

A patient.

In a block style letter, the date is:

Flush left.

One who studies and practices medicine related to the "nerves" is a/an:


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