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The Nervous System Review Questions

What structures make up the central nervous system?
brain and spinal cord
What structures make up the peripheral nervous system?
nerves and ganglia outside the brain and spinal cord
Nerve cells that are not neurons are...?
3 factors that affect speed of nerve impulse transmissions?
myelin, axon diameter, and temperature
What occurs when there is a change in the neuron cell permeability allowing Na+ ions to enter?
What is the diffusion of K+ ions out of the neuron cell called?
What are protective membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord?
What is "RAS" ?
Reticular Activating System
4 conditions for sensation to occur?
sitmulation of sensory receptor
transduction of stimulus
impulse generation
sensory input, and integration
What are sensations that allow the brain to determine movement and position of one body part to another is called?
Where are gustary receptors located?
(on the tongue) taste buds
Where are olfactory receptors located?
(in the nose) olfactory epithelium
What are 3 cutaneous sensations?
warmth, cold, and pain
What is the ability to bend light rays to "Fall into" the retina?
Where are the receptors for auditory sensations located?
semicircular canals
Which middle ear part equalizes pressure on both sides of an eardrum?
Eustachian tube
Which ear part transmits vibrations to the middle ear, magnifying volume and amplitude?
ossicles ("hammer" "anvil and "stirrup")
Measurement unit of pitch?
Measurement unit of sound intensity?

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