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The symbols and sacred items part of the study guide.. kind of Caroline's blank spaces of symbols and sacred items! Mr. Cummings 9H Edith Hamilton Mythology

aegis, eagle, oak, Dodona

breastplate: ______ bird:______ tree: _____ Oracle: _____

sea, trident, bull, horse

Symbol of____ sacred item: _____ animals: ____ and _____

underworld, wealth, invisibility helmet(cap), bident

Symbol of the _______ (home) and _____ Sacred item: _____ _____ (2 words) and ______

Home, Hearth, vestals

Symbol of the _____; Sacred items: ______ and _______(people)

crown, peacock, cow, Argos

Symbol/Sacred item: _____ Animals: _____ and ____ Sacred city:_____

War, Vulture, dog,

Symbol of _____; Bird:______ Animal:_______

Owl, Olive

Bird:_____ Tree:_____

Sun, Silver Bow, lyre, Delphi, Laurel, Dolphin, crow,

Symbol: _____ Sacred items:_____ ____ (2 words) and ______ Oracle:_____, Tree:_____ animals: _____ and ______

love, beauty, desire, fertility, myrtle, dove, sparrow, swan

Symbol of ______, _______, _______, and _________ Tree: _____, Animals/Birds: _____, ______, and _______

Caduceus, winged sandals, fertility, wisdom, healing

Sacred Items: _______ and _____ ______ (2 words)
Snakes represent: _____, ______, and ______

Moon, silver arrows, cypress, all esp deer

Symbol: _____ Sacred Item: _____ ______ (2 words) Tree:_____ , animals: ____, _____ ______

Ax, Forge

Sacred items: ___ and _______

splendor, mirth, good cheer

three Graces represented as:

Old man, Sea (the Mediterranean), 50, Nereids

Title: ____ ____ of the _____ , married the daughter of Ocean (a Titan) had ___ daughters called _______

trumpeter, merman, Poseidon, Amphitrite

______ of the sea, He is a _______ and the son of _______ (god) and ________ (neried).

Poseidon's, attendant, foretelling, future, shapeshifting

sometimes ______ (god) son, sometimes his ________. power of _______ the ______, and __________

Hermes', goat, satyr, wild places, musician, nymphs

_______ (god) son, part animal with ____ parts, like a _______, all _____ _____ (2 words) was his home, wonderful _______, always in love with _______, but rejected because of his ugliness.

ferryman, Plain, Judgement

Must pay him, he is a(n) _________, transported souls to ______ of ________

Europeans, Asiatics, difficult cases

3 judges decided the fate of:
________, _________, and _______ ______

3, entrance, exit

___ headed watchdog, allowed ________, but no _____.

evil, good, spun, life, Disposer, Lots, destiny, abhorred, shears, death

The Fates (Greek:Moirae) (Latin:Parcae)
They give men at birth _____ and ____ to have
1 _____ the thread of _____
2. _____ of ____, who assigned each man his ______
3. carried the _____ ______ and cut the thread of ______

Cocytus, Acheron, Styx, Phlegethon, Lethe

River of Lamentation:_______
River of Woe: _________
River of Oaths: ________
River of Fire: ________
River of Forgetfulness: ________

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