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European Geography During Middle Ages

Why did Europe's geography hinder the development of civilization until the middle ages?
mountain range & heavily forested--> isolation
Communication & trade=difficult--> not much sharing ideas so could not build on each other's knowledge & develop
Why did Europe's geography & climate hinder & benefit farm production
(-)- soil=wet & heavy--> farming= lot of labor
heavily forested--> not a lot of farming land--> needed to clear lands
varying climate- long winter & short growing season

(+)- soil=rich w/ nutrients & minerals--> w/ tools, could yield crops
many rivers--> allowed for movement of goods
Why did Germanic tribes conquering of Rome affect Western Europe?
Conquering Rome--> decentralized Rome
Many depended on centralized Roman gov--> w/out it, poor infrastructure, decline in edu & trade, isolated communites
roads=bad--> isolated communities & forced them to become self sufficient & trade declined
no support in edu--> edu decline
What were 2 benefits of Germanic invasions?
Germanic tribes adopt Christianity--> Christianity dominates
Est feudalism & manorialism-> economic & social struct--> basic needs & safety met
What institution best survived the fall of Rome? Why?
Church=did not depend on Roman gov, own community that depended on clergy (provided struct & order)