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a shortened form of a word


a condition that results from deficiencies of various nutrients, which is characterized by a reduced number of red blood cells in the blood stream


a waxy substance produced and needed by the body, also found in animal fats and some plant foods


the arrangement of the table ware that each diner will need for a meal; also called a place setting


formation of curds that happen when milk is overheated or an acid food is added to milk products


all the food and drink a person reguarly consumes


fitting tasks together to make the best use of time; doing two tasks at the same time

Dry heat cooking

cooking food uncovered without adding liquid or fat


processed foods, especially grain products in which nutrients lost in processing have been replaced; using additives to increase the nutritive value of processed foods beyond the level contained in the food before processing


the same amount expressed in different ways by using different units of measure

Expiration Date

the last day a product is considered fresh


forks, spoons, knives, and serving utensils used to serve and eat food


any one of the individual food items needed to make a recipe


dry beans and peas

Moist heat cooking

method in which food is cooked in hot liquid, steam; or a combination of both


chemical substances in food that help to maintain the body

Place setting

the arrangement of the tableware that each diner will need for a meal; also called cover

Pull date

the last day a product may be sold


detailed instructions for preparing particular foods


maintaining a clean condition in order to promote hygiene and prevent disease

Serving size

the amount of food item customarily eaten at one time

Unit Pricing

the price of an item per ounce, pound, or other accepted unit of measure


Universal Product Code


the process of acquiring and maintaining physical, mental, emotional, and social health


indigestible polysaccharides that make up the tough, fibrous cell walls of plants and is used by the body to help move food through the digestive system

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