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What does a pheochromocytoma look like grossly?

Yellow with areas of hemorrhage/necrosis (seems similar to cortical ca)

What do the cells in a neuroblastoma look like? What are the 3 types of differentiation of a NB and what is the definition of them?

Small, hyperchromatic nuclei and scanty cytoplasm arranged in sheets; indistinct cell borders; can have HW rosettes; undifferentiated (no neuropil); poorly-diff (<5% ganglionic diff); differentiating (>5% ganglionic)

What molecular amplification is associated with poor prognosis in NB?

n-myc amplification

In addition to subtype of differentiation, which additional 2 parameters determine the favorable/unfavorable outcome in NBs?

Age and MKI

What does a ganglioNB look like and what is an important element of the stroma?

Well-defined foci of NB cells show various stages of NB maturation to ganglionic diff and neuromatous/Schwannian background of at LEAST 50%

What does a mature ganglioneuroma look like?

Clusters or single mature ganglion cells in neural stroma

Which weird neural tumor almost always arises in the periampulla?

Gangliocytic paraganglioma

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