Ch. 3 MA cert test
sterile swab
The most common device for obtaining cultures.
Properly collected sputum specimen should contain...
,,mucous coughed up from the lungs.
Stool specimen mixed with urine... not an appropriate specimen for examination.
Pick up by the lab
the most reliable and timely method of transporting microbiologic specimens.
dry ice
should not be used for packing when sending a specimen through the mail.
etiologic agent
refers to a living microorganism or its toxin that may cause human disease
when preparing a wet mount,...
...mix a small amount of the specimen with 0.9% sodium chloride on a glass slide.
Gram-positive bacteria
retain dye, turning purple
37degrees celcius
the optimal temperature to promote growth of bacteria in a culture medium.
Blood agar
Most common type of culture medium used in a lab
Bacteria placed in a culture plate...
...grows sufficiently within several hours
An MA needs further training to be able to perform...
...microbiologic tests, such as sensitivity tests, and to interpret cultures of specimens.
excess of sodium in the blood
A quality control system
is an ongoing system to evaluate quality of medical care that is being provided.
is found in soil and water
The process of blood cells clumping together to form a clot.
The most important rule to remember when using a centrifuge is
always balance the tubes placed inside
What causes urine to appear hazy or cloudy
mucus, bacteria, amorphous crystals
The intensity of urine color reflects
the concentration
A genitourinary tract infection would be primarily be evidenced by a microscopic containing many
white blood cells
When performing a microscopic, the evaluation of each element present in the urinary sediment is based upon the....
average number found in 10 fields
20 or 21gauge
The approximate gauge needle to use when performing phlebotomy of veins in the forearm
When doing a red cell count the factor by which the cells counted are multiplied
The hematocrit reading is low in cases of this
When focusing the microscope, one should begin with this objective.
lens paper
Used to clean the lens of the microscope
When using a microscope with a 10X ocular and the 40X objective in place, the total magnification is...
When performing a microscopic urinalysis, red and white blood cells are reported per...
The macroscopic exam of urine consists of ...
observing the color and character
The pH of a urine specimen is checked to determine
acidity or alkalinity
Upon microscopic examination of urine, a UTI would be indicated by the presence of numerous...
11 mark
When using a standard WBC pipette for determining a WBC count, the blood is drawn to the 0.5 mark. The diluting fluid is drawn to the ...
When performing a differential WBC, a basophil will be recognized by
large blue to purple staining granules
segmented neutrophils
The WBC most often seen when performing a differential
When a venipuncture is performed using a lavender top vacutainer tube, the sample...
is commonly used for hematology testing, and does not clot because an anti-coagulant has been mixed with the whole blood
gram stain
The most common bacteriology stain
An organism determined to be staphylococcus appears...
round and grouped in clusters
Sensitivity testing
is done to determine the drug of choice and is commonly done on Mueller-Hinton agar
PA & lateral
The most common positions for chest x-rays
Substance used to prevent x-ray exposure
Gram staining is done to determine
whether a bacteria is gram positive or gram neative
Q wave
On a normal ECG tracing, the first wave to show downward deflection
reduce skin resistance
The purpose for applying paste or jelly when running an ECG
Systolic pressure
The first sound heard when taking blood pressure
a counting chamber utilized in manual microscopic methods
37 degrees Celsius
The equivilent to normal body temp of 98.6 F
Active immunity will be produced
when the antigens of microorganisms are injected into the patient
When autoclaving surgical instruments, the timing period begins
when adequate pressure has built up
Large amounts in injectable medication, at least 2ml or more