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Parasympathetic/sympathetic BS

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Together, the somatic nervous system and autnomic nervous system make up the ??? nervous system
Which division of the nervous system consists of neurons that control the heart intestines and other organs
Nerves from the central nervous system convey information to the muscles and glands by way of the
Somatic nervous system
Someone tickles you, the tickling sensation will be carried by neurons that are part of ??? nervous system
Somatic Nervous system
Which plane shows brain structures as they would be seen from the side
Which of the following means "towards the side, away from the midline?"
Which plane shows brain structures as the would be seen from the front?
Hills and valleys of the brain are called ??? and ??? respectively
Gyri, Sulci
What is the name given to cluster of neurons outside the CNS?
After damage to the dorsal roots of the spinal cord, an individual will suffer what kind of loss
Control of organs in the affected body area
Cell bodies of motor neurons would most likely be found in which of the following?
Gray matter
In the spinal cord, white matter is comprised mostly of ??????????????, while gray matter is mostly ?????
myelinated axons, cell bodies
If the spinal cord is cut at a given segment, the brain loses sensation at
the segment and all segments below it
Which part of the nervous system prepares the body for "fight or flight" activities?
Which activity is increased by the sympathetic nervous system?
Heart rate
Sympathetic is to ?????? as parasympathetic is to ?????
Arousal, relaxation
What consists of the medulla, the pons and the cerebellum?
Which major functions are controlled by the cranial nerves?
sensation and muscle control of the head.
How many pairs of cranial nerves do humans have?
The pons acts as a bridge between
one side of the nervous system to the other
The cerebellum contributes to the control of what function?
Which of the following structures provide the main source of input to the cerbral cortex
An impairment of eating drinking, temperature regulation, or sexual behavior suggests possible damage to which brain structure?
An individual has difficulty remembering certain things after brain damage, but all memories stored before the damage are intact. The brain area most likely damaged is the;
What is contained in the ventricles of the brain?
Cerebrospinal fluid
Membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord are called
the large bundle of axons connecting the two hemispheres of the brain is called the
corpus collosum
Primary target area on the cerebral cortex for touch and other skin sensations?
postcentral gyrus