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what is the most common blood type (38%)?


what is the least common blood type (1%)?


the number of pieces of genetic material that is packaged in per egg/ sperm


the process in which sperm is formed


you have __ peices of genetic material when you are formed (egg + sperm)


your traits; the cell (you) divides and each cell has the exact genetic material! on this genetic material is your ___


an alllele combination that contains one recessive and one dominant allele


when the alleles are either both recessive or both dominant


alleles for A, B are ____


the alleles for ___ are completely recessive


to represent O blood type- you use ___ for the allele instead of the letter 'o'


when a clot forms because a person was given the wrong blood type (a person w/ A gets B blood- not supposed to)


what is the best donor (no surface antigens)?

putnet squares

what you use to determine what the possible blood types of a child will be from the parents


the universal blood recipient (you lucky bastards); contains both antigens but create no antibodies

A, B, i

the three alleles for blood type


what blood type do you have if you have an antigen that creates plasma antibodies against B?


means 'against'


what blood type do you have if you have an antigen that creates plasma antibodies against A?

pos or neg

Rhesus factor: + can receive ____

neg only

Rhesus factor: - can receive ____

Rhesus factor

if your blood type is POSITIVE, you have the __ (it is present)

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