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Created by Rikuto Minemura

The Internet

An international network of networks that connects computers worldwide.


Local version of the internet within a company or organisation.

Web bot

A software that can run automatically on the Web once it has been set up


An Intranet that a company allows limited secure access to people working at its company or home.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A private network that runs withint public networks.

LAN (Local Area Network)

A network that consists of a collection of computers that can share peripherals, information, and allows communication with each other.

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

A LAN that is connected using a wireless link instead of a cable.

Wireless Access Point

A device that contains a radio receiver, encryption and communications software so that it can broadcast and receive wireless communications. Required for setting up a WLAN.


A device that can extend the range of the wireless network.


The number that determines the volume of data that can be transmitted in a given time. The higher, the more data that can be transmitted.


A type of data transmission over a telephone line using an analogue modem that can transmit data at speeds up to 56Kbps.


A type of data transmission using ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) and cable.


A device used to convert the digital signals emitted by the computer into analogue signals that can be transmitted over a telephone line

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

A company that is directly connected to the Internet and gives you access to it, usually for a fee


A set of protocols used to transfer data from one computer to another over the Internet


A set of rules that defines how computers interact or communicate with each other

World Wide Web

A multimedia service that runs on the Internet, providing web pages for people to go on certain webs


Documents that contain links to text, graphics, sound or video files

IP Address (Internet Protocol address)

A 32-bit address consisting of four sets of up to three digits each


An attempt to find out personal information, usually social security numbers, credit card numbers, ro usernames and passwords for online banks


An email that is unsolicited and is the email equivalent of junk mail


A software that is designed to be secretly loaded onto a computer without the user's knowledge for malicious intent.

Antivirus software

A software that checks within the computer for virus and remove them


Online personal diaries with narrative, pictures and hyperlinks

Web 2.0

A trend in web design and development towards a second generation of web-based communities and services

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

A programming language that you can use to create web pages. Contains standard codes that are used to specify how a web page is structured and formatted

Web Ring

A way of interlinking a group of websites that have information on related topics or themes

Video conferencing

Multimedia chat that is likely to involve more people communicating at the same time

Multimedia chat

A way of communicating online, using microphones, camera, and speaker

Instant message

A system that enables you to chat privately with another person

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

A real-time conference system that lets you talk with as many people as you like, on channels.

Chat room

A group of people with common interests communicating with one another interactively in real time

Mailing list

A group of people using email to communicate their views on common issues or interests


A system that enables a group of people with common interests to communicate with each other


A system that involves sending a document over the telephone lines from one fax machine to another


One of the most widely used service that enables users to send electronic messages to an individual or group, and receive messages back from them

Email server

A computer on the Internet that receives incoming messages and elivers outgoing message

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