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In helping relations what are the "P" words

1. partnership
2. philosophy = of values & beliefs
3. purposeful→productive
4. pre-servation = health
5. palliation = try to reduce stress, fears thru comfort
6. psychic boost = ↑ morale, self-esteem
7. practicality = useful solutions, problem solve, critical thinking
8. personal = individualized
9. platonic
10. private
11. powerful

the five professional communication elements are?

1. courtesy = knocking on door, introduce yourself, eye contact, thank you, please, etc...
2. privacy = can't talk about patient, HIPPA
3. Trustworthiness = honest, competent, reliable
4. Autonomy = self directed, personal responsibility for what is done
5. Assertiveness

Assertiveness is?

- able to declare and affirm one's own opinions while respecting the rights of others to do the same
- it fosters successful communication

what are the 4 relationship phases?

1. pre-orientation = things you do before meeting the patient. Ex. getting report, look at chart, get room ready
2. Orientation = introduction. establish roles. establish goals → what do they want to accomplish
3. Working = Longest phase. work together to meet goals. Teaching, counseling, further assessment
4. Termination

What are the 5 communication levels?

1. Intrapersonal = w/in yourself. "self-talk" guided imagery, motivation, calming yourself
2. Interpersonal = most common. one-on-one, face-to-face with another person
3. Transpersonal = occurs w/in spiritual domain. used both intra & interpersonally.
4. Small group = 2-10 people. group dynamics
5. Public = >10 people. interaction w/an audience, eye contact, movement, voice inflection

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