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comenzar a

to begin to

empezar a

to begin to

ponerse a

to begin to

principiar a

to begin to

apresurarse a

to hasten (hurry) to

ir a

to go to

regresar a

to return to (to ... again)

salir a

to go out to

venir a

to come to

volver a

to return to (to ... again)

enseñar a

to teach to

aprender a

to learn to

acertar a

to happen to (by chance)

acostumbrarse a

to become accustomed to

aspirar a

to aspire to

atreverse a

to dare to

convidar a

to invite to

decidirse a

to decide to

dedicarse a

to devote oneself to

disponerse a

to get ready

invitar a

to invite to

negarse a

to refuse to

obligar a

to obligate

resignarse a

to resign oneself to

acabar de

to have just

acordarse de

to remember to

alegrarse de

to be glad to

cesar de

to stop

dejar de

to fail to (or to stop)

encargarse de

to take charge of

olvidarse de

to forget to

tratar de

to try to

consentir en

to consent to

consistir en

to consist of

convenir en

to agree to

empeñarse en

to insist on

insistir en

to insist on

tardar en

to delay in

amenazar con

to threaten to

contar con

to count on

soñar con

to dream of

quejarse de

to complain about

tropezar con

to stumble on


ought to, must


to let, to allow


to wish, to desire


to hope, to expect


to make, to have


to succeed in


to need


to hear


to intend


to be able, can


to prefer


to attempt


to promise


to want, to wish


to know (how)


to be accustomed to, usually


to see


to listen


to look at

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