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  1. sand box
  2. Dramaturge -
  3. Dr. Heinz-Uwe Haus
  4. Budget for shows can range from
  5. Julie Taymor directed
  1. a $0 to $69 million and counting.
  2. b 30 cubic yards of sand, 90,000 pounds, 8 inch depth
    11 people for 5 hours, 2 dump trucks, few hundred wheelbarrows
  3. c THE TEMPEST, lion king, spider man, turn of the dark
  4. d Researches the way of the world when written
    Research the life of the author
    Research the other works of author
    Anecdotal information
    Pieces of interest
    Textual research
  5. e Founding member of East German Directing Institute and Head of the Directing Department
    Greatest Living Authority on Brecht
    Theatre is a collective art.
    Look for positives in theatre
    Collaboration, listening, observation skills can only be practiced. Service to society and audience
    Everyone has preconceived idea of what they want to see. Understand emotional memory of audience
    Director brings a story and puts it together

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  1. Select the script
    Research the world of the play
    Analyze play's meaning and theme
    Select key collaborators
    Conceptualize production
    Realize concept - stay on track
    Cast production
    Rehearse and block
    Clock mgmt.
    Spiritual leader
  2. charged with running and financing the productions from the gov't...chose didaskolos
  3. Chair of Theatre Department, Artistic Director of REP, Director of Training of PTTP
  4. 1. Picks play 2. Picks designers/director 3. Picks actors for roles
  5. resident actors whose job is to appear in series of plays and teaches one undergrad course open to students

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  1. Biggest expense in theatre is labor or human beingsSalaries of people involved
    Administrative costs
    Ushers, box office, etc.


  2. penal colonyname of the person who assisted the writer in early Greek theatre by giving instructions to the actors


  3. George, Duke of Saxe-Meiningenfirst real director in the modern sense of the term.


  4. Didaskolosa collaborative art form


  5. Keith Davisa collaborative art form