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  1. caustic
  2. leery
  3. embed
  4. buttress
  5. chauvinism
  1. a adj. capable of burning or corroding by chemical action; bitingly sarcastic, cutting
  2. b v. to prop up or support
  3. c v. to fix in a surrounding mass
  4. d n. unreasoning and boastful devotion to one's country or sex
  5. e adj. suspicious; distrustful

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  1. adj. harmless
  2. n. a feeling of weakness
  3. n. a fragment of a brittle substance, e.g., glass or pottery; a small piece of something
  4. v. to write, carve or engrave words or letters on or in a surface
  5. n. fear of confined spaces

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  1. labyrinthinen. freedom from normal limitations; room for movement or action


  2. proximityn. future generations


  3. vogueadj. talkative


  4. vociferousn. prevailing fashion


  5. agrarianadj. extremely harsh and severe