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  1. palpable
  2. shade
  3. coalesce
  4. vogue
  5. claustrophobia
  1. a v. to grow together; to merge into a single body
  2. b n. fear of confined spaces
  3. c n. prevailing fashion
  4. d adj. capable of being handled, touched , or felt; easily perceived
  5. e n. a small variation, a nuance; a small amount

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  1. v. to prop up or support
  2. adj. needed; necessary
  3. v. to throw out
  4. v. to beat, as with the fists
  5. v. to repeat; to occur again

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  1. embedv. to walk slowly or leisurely


  2. latituden. a feeling of weakness


  3. amblev. to fix in a surrounding mass


  4. elysianadj. heavenly or delightful


  5. draconianadj. related to farming