10 terms

Bullock law enforcment officer

a branch of a computer network in which partipants can engage in real time discussions with eachother.
instant messaging
an system for exchanging typed electronic messages instantly vid the internet or a cellular network useing a shared software application on a personal computer or mobile device.
A website containing the writers or groups of experiences, observations, opinions, and often haveing images and links to another website.
social networks
A network with friends, colleagues, and other personal contracts.
cyberbullying and harassment
treating someone wrong through the internet, such as through a social network.
hostile, and insulting between internet users.
To build a relationship with you omline, To take advantage of you.
internet predators / cyberpredators
People who find you through the internet and become friends with you to find you personal information to find you in person to harm you.
Technology based attack on a person who has been targeted specifically for that attack for that attack for reasons af anger, revenge, or control.
Personal information privacy
To keep your personal information such as address, phone number kept blocked and safe from internet predators.