14 terms

Points, Lines, and Angles - part I

Geometry Grades 6-8 by Tiffany Moore and Jenae Hawkins pages 5-14
opposite rays
Two rays that share an endpoint and extend in opposite directions to form a line
Position in space, often represented by a dot
A portion of a line that extends from one endpoint infinitely in one direction
point of intersection
The point at which two lines intersect
Something that relates to or resembles a line
A point that bisects a line segment
parallel lines
Lines in the same plane that never intersect
collinear points
Three or more points that lie in the same line
perpendicular lines
Two lines that form a right angle at their point of intersection
line segment
A finite portion of a line that has two endpoints
A set of points in a straight path that extends infinitely in both directions
A flat surface that extends infinitely in all directions
coplanar points
Three or more points that lie in the same plane
flat-plane rule
If three points are coplanar, then the line containing two of the points is in the same plane