Chapter 14

19 terms by ReillyLouko21

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an infectious agent made up of a core of nucleic acid and a protein coat


the protein coat around the core of nucleic acid


an additional protective coating usually made of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates


an organism that shelters and nourishes something

lytic cycle

The viral replication process that rapidly kills a host cell

lysogenic cycle

a type of replication in which a virus does not immediately kill a host cell


A viral DNA segment that is inserted in a bacterial cell's chromosome


a virus that contains an RNA core that replicates by first transcribing its RNA into DNA


a simple stand of pure RNA


a protein molecule that can cause disease in animas


the process of injecting a person with a harmless--weakened or dead--form of a virus


Smaller pieces of circular DNA contained in bacteria


dehydrated cells formed when living conditions become unfavorable in monerans

binary fission

a process in which the chromosome of a unicellular organism is continually replicated, after which the cell divides forming two identical cells


the process of exchanging genetic material through cell-to-cell contact


the group of monerans that are often found living in harsh environments


the so-called true bacteria that includes all other bacteria


organisms that use oxygen during respiration


organisms that do not use oxygen during respiration

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