39 terms

vocabulary 1st partial english 2 unit 7-8

pim. mi. dnm
be good at
to be able to do something well
Bob is good at fixing things.
a game that two people play on a board with black and white squares. The pieces that you use have different shapes and move in different ways.
Chess is a very difficult game.
relating to very old customs, beliefs, or stories
She always cooks traditional Indian dishes.
a small amount of food that you eat between meals
I like to have a snack after school.
a piece of music with words that you sing
Umbrella is a song by Rihanna.
Sophie is a smart, hard-working student.
to make music using your voice
She sings in a choir once a week.
food that has been prepared and cooked in a particular way
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?
to control a vehicle so that it moves somewhere
My brother drives a very nice car.
salsa dancing
a dance performed to salsa music
I go to salsa dancing classes every Thursday.
able to be trusted
She's a very reliable employee.
a large musical instrument with a row of black and white keys that you press
I have played the piano for two years.
planned carefully and effectively
Julia is so organized - she has already booked all the flights and the hotels.
someone who is optimistic is hopeful about the future and tends to expect that good things will happen
I am very optimistic about the future.
from another country, or in another country
She speaks two foreign languages.
someone who is friendly is always pleasant and helpful toward other people
Your brother is very friendly.
a type of play that is performed by singers and an orchestra, or the art of performing these plays
We went to the opera last night and saw La Boheme.
a type of entertainment in which people sing popular songs while recorded music is played
Karaoke is very popular in Japan.
a person who is honest does not tell lies or cheat people, and obeys the law
I want you to be honest with me about this dress.
giving people more of your time or money than is usual or expected
My uncle is very generous.
nice to look at
The new Mini is a very attractive car.
a type of shoe that covers all of your foot and part of your leg
I bought some new boots for the winter.
able to be used in many different ways
I can take photos, send emails, and surf the Internet on my cell phone - it's very versatile.
easy to use or understand
My new washing machine is so user-friendly.
modern and using the latest ideas or knowledge
This is the most up-to-date cell phone you can buy
a soft shirt that has short sleeves and no collar or buttons
Where is my pink T-shirt?
a long narrow piece of colored cloth that a man wears around his neck with a shirt.
You must wear a tie to work every day.
a shirt made of thick soft cotton that some people wear for exercising
The soccer team all wear the same sweatshirt.
a set of clothes made from the same cloth, usually a jacket with pants or a skirt
You need to get your suit cleaned before the wedding.
shoes made of cloth and rubber. You wear them mainly for playing sports
I really need to buy some new sneakers.
smaller than most things of the same kind
MP3 players are more compact than other music players.
a piece of clothing that covers a woman's body and part of her legs
She wore a blue dress to the party.
a piece of clothing for a woman or girl. It hangs from the waist and is not joined between the legs
Pamela was wearing a beautiful green skirt.
a piece of clothing that covers the top part of your body. It usually has long sleeves and buttons down the front
He's wearing jeans and a green shirt.
a small bag in which a woman carries money and personal objects
Oh no. I can't find my purse.
strong and working well, and can store a lot of information
I need a more powerful computer - this one is so slow.
a piece of clothing that covers your body from your waist to your ankles and has a separate part for each leg
I love those blue pants.
a short coat
I wore a jacket because it was a little cold.
informal pants made of denim (=heavy cotton cloth)
You can't wear jeans to the club.