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  1. What is the absence of menstrual flow known as?
  2. female reproductive cycle
  3. secretions sustain pregnancy
  4. The micro-insert system is an alternative to tubal ligation that provides bilateral occlusion of the fallopian tubes by inserting a soft, flexible micro-insert into each fallopian tube
  5. Select the term that means menopause.
  1. a True
  2. b climacteric
  3. c amenorrhea
  4. d corpus luteum
  5. e menstrual cycle

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  1. leukorrhea
  2. True
  3. dysmenorrhea
  4. False
  5. clitoris

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  1. shedding of uterine liningmenstruation


  2. What are the female external genitalia collectively referred to as?vulva


  3. What is a common contraindication for using any type of medical contraceptive?irregular menstrual cycles


  4. secretions soften nipplesMontgomery's glands


  5. Fimbriae are finger or fringe-like projections of the fallopian tubesTrue