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  1. What is a herniation or downward protrusion of the urinary bladder through the vaginal wall called?
  2. The branch of medicine that deals with the study of diseases and disorders of the female reproductive system is obstetrics.
  3. What is painful menstrual flow known as?
  4. Fimbriae are finger or fringe-like projections of the fallopian tubes
  1. a cystocele
  2. b dysmenorrhea
  3. c True
  4. d False

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  1. amenorrhea
  2. True
  3. True
  4. vulva
  5. tubal ligation

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  1. Which statement is NOT a contraindication for taking oral contraceptives?Breast cancer


  2. mature sperm or ovumVagina


  3. wombVagina


  4. The micro-insert system is an alternative to tubal ligation that provides bilateral occlusion of the fallopian tubes by inserting a soft, flexible micro-insert into each fallopian tubeFalse


  5. The birth control patch continuously delivers hormones through the skin and into the bloodstream for a full month to prevent pregnancy, and only has to be changed monthly.True