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  1. The cessation of menstruation is known as menopause or climacteric.
  2. The birth control patch continuously delivers hormones through the skin and into the bloodstream for a full month to prevent pregnancy, and only has to be changed monthly.
  3. What is the absence of menstrual flow known as?
  4. What is the presence of single or multiple fluid-filled cysts that are palpable in the breasts known as?
  5. Which statement is NOT a contraindication for taking oral contraceptives?
  1. a True
  2. b irregular menstrual cycles
  3. c False
  4. d amenorrhea
  5. e fibrocystic breast disease

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  1. coitus
  2. menstrual cycle
  3. Montgomery's glands
  4. corpus luteum
  5. True

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  1. Another name for menstruation or menstrual flow is menses.True


  2. Fimbriae are finger or fringe-like projections of the fallopian tubesTrue


  3. Which term best defines the interval between menses and ovulation?dysmenorrhea


  4. Select the term that best describes uterine tissue in an abnormal location.menorrhagia


  5. muscular tubeVagina