17 terms

Earth and Space science set 7

atmospheric stuff
specific heat
the amount of energy required to change the temeperature of 1gram of a substance by 1Kelvin
Coriolis Effect
an apparent deflection of the wind arrising from the fact that it is moving eather north or south over the sphericaly shaped Earth
latent heat
the heat given off or absorbed as a substance changes phase
an area near the equator where the trade winds converge, rise, and form an area of low pressure. this rising air forms clouds and thunderstorms. stands for intertropical convergance zone
horse latitudes
areas along 30* North and South where winds are light and decending. Historically ti was an area where sailing vessles would become stranded due to light winds and horses were thrown overboard to save on water
polar easterlies
the prevailing winds between 60N and the north pole and 60S and the south pole
the prevailing winds that exist between 30N and 60N and 30S and 60S
prevailing winds between 30N and 30S
sea breeze
a local wind that occurs durring the afternoon on coastal areas
land breeze
a local wind that occurs durring the nightime in coastal areas
when a liquid changes into a solid
when a solid changes into a liquid
when a liquid changes into a gas
when a gas changes into a liquid
when a solid changes directly to a gas or when a gas changes directly into a solid
reletive humidity
the ratio of water vapor present in the air to the amout that could be present at saturation
sling psychrometer
an instrement designed to measure the reletive humidity of the air. it is made of two thermometers one of which has a damp cotton sleeve over the end. the instrement is whirled in the air. the readings from the two thermometers correspond the a given reletive humitity reading on a chart