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Marcy's CPT1 quiz #3

quiz 3 sugery guidelines
Which treatment of a fracture requires the fracture to be exposed to view or opened at a remote site for nailing across the fracture?
The procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx and the physician can look at the larynx is what type of laryngoscopy?
There is no tissue remaining for pathological examination after this method has been used.
The repaired wound should be measured or converted to:
Select the term that describes a procedure in which a scope is placed into a body area and the physician can look directly at the body area through a scope.
Which of the following terms describes traction by use of strapping, elastic wraps, or tape?
The term that describes destruction by removing, usually by cutting, is:
What is the name of the surgical procedure for the rearrangement of the nasal septum often used with patients with a deviated septum?
This surgical procedure is performed to reshape the nose
The term that describes obtaining a tissue sample is
Excision defined as full thickness would be through the
What is the difference between the code for a soft tissue abscess in the Musculoskeletal System subsection and the codes for abscess in the Integumentary System subsection?
The code in the Musculoskeletal System subsection is associated with deep tissue possibly to the bone
Mohs micrographic surgery requires a single physician to act in two integrated but separate and distinct capabilities of a surgeon and a(n):
What is the name of the procedure in which mucus is removed from the sinuses by flushing a saline solution through the sinus cavities?
When an excision is being performed, the "margins" refer to the ____ required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physician's judgment.
narrowest margin
When reporting a staged procedure what modifier is added to the CPT code?
A laryngoscopy is an endoscopic procedure that allows the physician to visualize the larynx or voice box. this procedure can be done by:
Using the "Rule of Nines," one adult leg is what percentage of the human body?
The restoration of a fracture or dislocation to its normal anatomic alignment by the application of manually applied force is known as:
Which modifier would you use if polyps were removed from both the left and the right sides of the nose?
Jane was playing volleyball in her high school gymnasium, and during a dive for the ball she fell, landing hard on her right shoulder area. She presented to the orthopedic office in severe pain in the area of her collarbone. Radiologic exams were taken of the area, and it was found that the sternoclavicular joint had been dislocated. The physician applied pressure and moved the bone back into its proper location. Strapping was then applied. Report only the repair, not the x-ray
Three-year-old Hannah is playing with a marble and sticks it in her nose. Her mother is unable to dislodge the marble so she takes Hannah to the physician's office. The physician removes the marble with hemostats.
CPT Code: ____________________
The correct code for repairing the following lacerations: 4.2 simple repair of the trunk, 1.3 simple repair of the arm, and 2.8 intermediate repair of the scalp:
12032, 12002-51
A patient presents to the orthopedic office complaining of pain in the wrist. Upon examination, the physician determines that the patient has a ganglion cyst. The physician injects the ganglion cyst with Xylocaine to reduce the pain. What is the correct code?