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  1. primary pollutant
  2. TRI
  3. low sulfur coal
  4. radon gas
  5. acid rain
  1. a A pollutant that is put directly into the atmosphere by human or natural activity
  2. b was generally formed under freshwater conditions
  3. c rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants
  4. d Toxic Chemical Release Inventory, required for facilities manufacturing, mining, and utilities that manufacture or process over 25,000 pounds or "otherwise use" over the threshold planning quantity of extremely hazardous substances
  5. e Radioactive material that comes up from the ground and can penatrate basements, causing indoor pollution

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  1. caused by sulfuric and nitric acids resulting in lowered pH of surface waters
  2. (CO2) Sources include the combustion of fossil fuels. Effects: greenhouse gas-contributes to global warming. Reduction accomplished by increased fuel efficiency (gas mileage), mass transit (reduction).
  3. an ionic compound that resists changes in its pH
  4. a substance related to alcohol. formaldehyde is made by the body from alcohol and contributes to hangovers
  5. U.S. Congress passed the Clean Air Acts of 1970, 1977, and 1990, which have established air pollution regulations for key pollutants that are enforced by states and by major cities; these acts have greatly reduced outdoor air pollution from six major pollutants.

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  1. cyclone collectorair is sucked into a cyclone that has metal sheet that remove large pollutants and then the air is pushed back out while the large pollutants are cleaned out


  2. sick buildingsBuildings with air pollution, insect sprays, industrial cleaners, fumes from new carpets.


  3. clean air actSet emission standards for cars, and limits for release of air pollutants


  4. atmospherethe mass of air surrounding the Earth


  5. ciliashort, hair-like structures made of microtubules that enable movement of cells or movement of materials outside a cell