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Nutrient Cycle

What do all cycles have in common?
Cycles never end and help environments maintain homeostasis
How are producers involved in nutrient cycles?
get nutrients from non-living sources
How are consumers involved in nutrient cycles?
get nutrients from consuming producers and puts nutrients back by dying or producing waste
How are decomposers involved in nutrient cycles?
break down material to put nutrients back in the soil
What causes water to evaporate from lakes, rivers, and oceans?
Heat from sunlight causes liquid water to turn into water vapor
What is condensation?
process by which water vapor turns into liquid water
What causes clouds to rain/snow?
What is precipitation?
water droplets and ice particles form in clouds and combine until too large and fall from the sky
What is transpiration?
Water evaporating from leaves in tiny holes called stomata
What is a carbon sink?
something that can store carbon dioxide
Where is a carbon sink located?
plants, ocean, soil
What are fossil fuels?
deposits of organic material from remains of living organisms
What are examples of fossil fuels?
Coal, Natural Gas, and Oil
What are ways carbon gets back in the ocean and atmosphere?
Cellular Respiration
Burning of fossil fuels
Decaying organisms
What is a main source of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere?
burning of fossil fuels
What role does bacteria play in the nitrogen cycle?
-Takes atmospheric nitrogen (N2 triple bound) breaks the triple bond and produce ammonium
-Denitrification- put nitrogen back in atmosphere
Where is nitrogen most abundant?
the Earth's atmosphere
What form of nitrogen is mainly found in the atmosphere?
What occurs during nitrogen fixation?
process of making nitrogen usable by plants. Here bacteria or lightning changes nitrogen into ammonium (NH4)
What occurs during nitrification?
process by which ammonium gets changed into nitrates and nitrites by bacteria. Nitrates (NO3) are what the plants can then absorb and consume
What are two places phosphorus is important in living things?
-makes up structural framework that holds DNA and RNA
-apart of ATP
How does phosphorus leave rock formations?
When it rains the phosphorus is removed from rock formations- runoff
How do we consume phosphorus?
in plants and animals
How is phosphorus different than all the other cycles?
it does not include a gas phase-not found in Earth's atmosphere