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7.188 Million
Largest 3 Cities
Hong Kong, Kowloon City, Tsuen Wan
Urban vs Rural
100% urban
Major Religions
40% - Buddhism, 20% - Taoism, 10% - Confusionism, 10% - Christianity, 20% - Other
Major Ethnicities
93%- Chinese, 2%- Filipino, 2%- Indonesian, 1%-White
Major Holidays
Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Late Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas
Typical Foods
Sweet and Sour Pork, Wontons, Roast Goose, Wind Sand Chicken, Pineapple Bread, Sago Mix
Primary bodies of water
Bays of Hong Kong, channels of Hong Kong, Lakes of HK, Pearl River, South China Sea
Major natural resources
Minerals, Rock, Stone, Sand Deposits
Educational system: basic description, percent attending, and percent literacy
93.5%- Literacy, 266,153- Enrolled, 9 years required and 12 years free
Bordering Nations
China, Taiwan
Total GDP
289.6 Billion
Per Capita GDP
54.7 Thousand
GDP Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
Unemployment Rate
Gini index of income distribution
Top Industries
Financial Services, Tourism, Trading
Most common occupations
Wholesale and retail trade, restaurants, and hotels
Rate of entrepreneurship (% self-employed)
Major trading partners and trade agreements if any
China, USA, Japan, Taiwan
Type of government system, including names of major political parties
Hong Kong is a special autonomous region of China
Name of the current head of government
Leung Chun-ying
Hong Kong does not have its own military. It is the responsibility of China and their military. There is no mandatory service
Wars during the last century: names, years, opponents, and approximate number of casualties
The Battle Of Hong Kong in 1941: Japan was the opponent and there was around 8000 casualties
Official Language
Cantonese and English
Emergency Numbers for Police, Fire, Ambulance