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Colonial America (6th Grade Fairfax Co)


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Why was Roanoke Island started?
To make money! (Economic venture)
Who led the Roanoke Island Colony?
John White
What was the enduring nickname for the Roanoke Island Colony?
The Lost Colony
Why was the Jamestown Settlement started?
To make money! (The Virginia Company was looking for precious metals and raw materials.)
Who led the Jamestown settlement?
John Smith
What was the money maker for the Jamestown Settlement?
Exporting tobacco was how the settlement survived financially.
Who founded the Plymouth Colony?
The Pilgrims
What was the Mayflower Compact?
The laws made up by the Pilgrims that were for the good of all.
Who helped the Plymouth Colony to survive?
Squanto, a Native American, who had lived for years in England, so he could speak the languages of Native Americans and settlers.
Who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
Members of the Puritan religion. They wanted to make a model Christian community.
Who was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
John Winthrop
Why was the Pennsylvania colony founded ?
It was founded by Quakers who wanted a place to practice their religion without interference.
Why was the Georgia colony started?
It was started to give people in debt a place to earn money, so they wouldn't have to go to debtor's prison.
Who started and led the Georgia colony?
General James Olglethorpe
What was climate like in the New England colonies?
Moderate summers and cold winters
What were the natural resources of the New England colonies?
Timber, fish, and deep harbors
Where were the centers of social life?
The village and church
How did people in the New England colonies express themselves politically?
Town Meetings
What was the climate like in the middle colonies?
What were the natural resources in the middle colonies?
rich farmlands and rivers
What was the social life like the middle colonies?
Villages and cities; diverse lifestyles and religions
What was the style of government?
Market towns
What was climate like in the southern colonies?
warm and humid
What were the economic moneymakers in the southern colonies?
large plantations and wood industries powered by slave labor
What was the social life like of the southern colonies?
The rich lived in mansions with indentured servants. The Church of England was the dominant religion.
What type of government structure was in place in the southern colonies?
How did large landowners live in the colonies?
They lived in the south, relied on servants and slaves, they were educated, and they were part of the rich social culture.
How did farmers live in the colonies?
They worked the land and relied on the family for labor.
How did artisans live in the colonies?
They were craftsmen in towns or plantations. They lived in villages and cities.
What were women's conditions in the colonies?
They were caretakers, could not vote, and had little chance at education.
Who were indentured servants?
Men and women who had their way paid for them to come to the New World in exchange for years of forced service.
Who were slaves?
People captured in Africa, who were owned as property. Children of slaves were also slaves.
What country controlled the colonies' trade?
Who taxed the colonies?
What country did the colonies trade raw materials to, in exchange for goods?
What laws did the colonists have to obey?
The laws of England.
How were governors of the colonies selected?
They were appointed by the King of England or a proprietor
Who made the laws for each colony?
Colonial legislators made laws for each colony, but the laws were monitored by governors.
What were the human resources of the New England colonies?
skilled craftsmen, shopkeepers, and shipbuilders
What were the human resources of the mid-Atlantic colonies?
unskilled and skilled workers and fisherman
What were the natural resources of the southern colonies?
fertile land, rivers, and harbors
What were the human resources of the southern colonies?
Farmers and enslaved African Americans
What areas of economic specialization did the New England colonies use?
Fishing, shipbuilding, industry, and naval supplies
What areas of economic specialization did the mid-Atlantic colonies use?
Livestock, grain, and fish
What areas of economic specialization did the southern colonies use?
Tobacco, cotton, indigo, wood products
What is economic interdependence?
Two or more people (or groups of people) who depend on each other for goods and services (could be through trade)