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Chapter 86 Oxygen Therapy & Respiratory Care

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What source of oxygen is used in home & extended care settings?
Oxygen concentrators
What source of oxygen is used when administering portable liquid oxygen?
Oxygen strollers
What source of oxygen is used for carbon monoxide poisoning?
Hyperbaric chambers
What source of oxygen is used in Short-term emergencies?
Oxygen cylinders
Transparent mask with a nipple adapter
Simple mask
What mask has the presence of valves on the outside of the mask?
Non-rebreathing mask
Which mask has the presence of a bag and the absence of valves?
Partial-rebreathing mask
Which mask has the presence of a hard plastic adapter with large windows?
Venturi mask
True/False? An oxygen tank is much safer and more convenient to use than an oxygen concentrator.
False. An oxygen concentrator is much safer and more convenient to use than a oxygen tank, because it compresses room air & extracts oxygen, providing concentrated oxygen flows in the range of 1 to 5 L/minute
True/False? Non-rebreathing masks are used only in one-on-one client care situations.
True/False? Oxygen concentrations can be more easily controlled with manual resuscitators.
False. Oxygen concentrators can be more easily controlled with mechanical ventilators.
The pressure in the oxygen cylinder is measured in terms of pounds per square ______?
The percentage of oxygen that reaches the lungs depends on the _____ and depth of respirations.
______ mist treatment refers to the suspension of microscopic liquid particles in the air.
The ____ pressure ventilator causes the chest to expand and air to flow into the lungs by lowering the pressure around the chest.
_____ positive airway pressure helps to keep the clients lungs inflated and tends to improve lung function, even though breathing is spontaneous.
What are the goals of oxygen therapy?
The oxygen concentration increase during oxygen therapy accomplishes three goals: It reverses hypopoxemia, it decreases the work of the respiratory system, and it decreases the hearts effort in pumping blood.
Why do clients with severe anemia show unreliable pulse oximeter readings?
B/c even if the hemoglobin is fully saturated, with a resulting pulse oxygen percentage of more than 95% the clients may not be getting enough total oxygen to the tissues due to an overall lack of hemoglobin.
What precautions must be taken with oxygen cylinders?
Secure the cylinder in a cart when it needs to be moved, turn off the valve when the cylinder is not in use, Keep cylinders away from heat, Ensure that oxygen does not come in contact with any combustible material, avoid smoking b/c even a small spark can ignite an explosive fire.
At what maximum rate should the nurse ensure flow of oxygen through a nasal cannula?
6 L/minute when administering it through a nasal cannula. This is done to avoid excessive drying of the nasal mucosa.
A nurse is performing pulse oximetry on a client in order to measure the oxygen saturated in the blood. What intervention should the nurse perform?
Attatch the pulse oximetry probe to the clients fingertip
A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving IPPB. What should the nurse assess for in this client?
Dizziness, Headache, Nausea
A nurse is caring for an asthmatic client who is recieving oxygen via a nasal cannula. What is the first step the nurse should take before administering oxygen?
Attatch the cannula with the connecting tube to the adapter on the humidifier.
A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving oxygen with a simple mask. What measures should the nurse undertake when caring for this client?
Connect the mask tubing to the humidifier outlet.
A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving IPPB treatment. What measure should the nurse employ to ensure that mucus is removed?
Perform airway suctioning
A nurse is suctioning the airways in a client who recently underwent tracheostomy. What measure should the nurse employ when inserting the suction catheter?
Insert the catheter until the client coughs
A nurse who is new to the healthcare facility is becoming familiar with the wall outlet system used in the facility. What measure should the nurse employ?
Practice inserting the adapter into the outlet.
A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving oxygen via a Venturi mask. What measure should the nurse employ to change oxygen concentrations?
Change the window openings.
A nurse has been providing suctioning and Tracheostomy care in a client receiving mechanical ventilation. What should be the maximum duration for each interval of suctioning?
10 seconds
A nurse is caring for a client who is receiving mechanical ventilation. What supplies are necessary at the clients bedside?
Manual breathing bag, extra tracheostomy tube, a 10-mL syringe
What is the goal of IPPB treatment?
To help clients to breathe more easily by liquefying the mucus.
You use IPPB only with what type of medications?
When providing IPPB treatment in a client instruct the client to take slow, deep breaths ____ to ____ times per minute
seven to ten
When providing IPPB treatment to a client advise the client that each inspiration and expiration should last ___ to ___ seconds
2 to 4
When providing IPPB treatment, _____ exhalation is unnecessary and may be _____.
Forceful, harmful
True/False? When providing IPPB in a client suctioning may be necessary, to ensure that mucus is removed.
How many minutes should you continue IPPB treatment in a client?
10 to 20 minutes. Consider the treatment finished when the prescribed amount of medications is used up or if the client cannot tolerate further therapy.
When providing IPPB in a client you should monitor the client for signs of what?
Sequence of steps involved in the application of the Venturi mask for a client with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Attatch the wing nut and tailpiece to the flow meter's threaded outlet.
Connect the tubing from the Venturi mask to the tailpiece.
Set the flow meter to the manufacturer's recommended flow rate.
Place the mask over the bridge of the client's nose and down onto the chin.