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Important Dates in Roman History

including a timeline of Cicero's life. For more info on some terms (e.g. Catilinarian conspiracy), see the Latin terms for history, myth, and culture set.
753-510 BCE
509-44 BCE
44 (27) BCE-476 CE
476 CE-present
107 BCE and before
Marius serves as consul with Sulla as his second-in-command. They fight civil wars. Marius reforms Roman army, Sulla initiates proscription lists.
106 BCE
Pompey is born, Cicero is born in Arpinum
before 70 BCE
Cicero climbs the cursus honorum, ladder of political offices, quickly - aedile, quaestor, praetor, consul
70 BCE
Hortensius refuses to sue Verres, so Cicero takes the case and wins.
63 BCE
Cicero is consul and has to deal with the Catilinarian conspiracy.
60 BCE
formation of the 1st Triumvirate - Pompey gets conquered lands, Crassus gets Parthia, Caesar gets Gaul
59 BCE
Caesar is consul and then goes to Gaul.
58 BCE
Cicero is exiled because of Clodius
57 BCE
Pompey helps recall Cicero
55 BCE
Pompey and Crassus are consuls again
53 BCE
Crassus and his son are killed by the Parthians, who poured molten gold down Crassus' throat.
52 BCE
Pompey is asked to be the sole consul, and refuses to allow Caesar to avoid his debt.
49 BCE
Caesar crosses the Rubicon and wages civil war against Pompey
48 BCE
Cicero joins Pompey's army. Pompey and Caesar fight the Battle of Pharsalus, where Caesar wins. Pompey flees to Egypt.
44 BCE
Caesar becomes dictator for life. Marc Antony forms the 2nd Triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus. Cicero publishes the Philippics against Marc Antony.
43 BCE
Cicero is put on the proscription lists and dies.