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panama canal and spanish american war


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what nation started to build the canal but failed?
the united states
why did the US gain interest in building the canal?
it would benefit American commerce and military capability
what nation owned the Panama area?
who was president of the US at this time?
Theodore Roosevelt
why was there a delay in negotiations?
Diseases with yellow fever
besides panama, what was another possible route for the canal?
how did the US help panama revolt?
american forces stopped columbian troops from crushing the revolt
compare fully the treaty we made with panama and what we had offered its owner
for a 10 mile strip of land
1. 10 million now
2. 250,000/ year
3. perpetual lease
how much did we pay man years after the war due to guilty feelings?
25 million to columbia
why was the US interested in Cuba?
the had over 50 million invested in sugar and rice plantations, railroads, tobacco, and iron mines
four problems in cuba dealing with spanish control
high taxes, trade restrictions, poor education, slavery
who was general weyler? what were some of his actions?
he was the new governor of spain and was sent to control the rebels using brutal tactics to crush the revolt
what is yellow journalism
sensational stories that were often biased or untrue
how did yellow journalism help bring about his war?
hearst and pulitzer used sensational stories that were often biased or untrue
explain the stolen letter story
on february 9th, the new york journal printed an intercepted article by a cuban agent. it said president mckinley was a coward and wouldn't do anything. the note was stolen and published in american newspapers which angered them.
explain the story of The Maine
the maine was a battleship in havana that was used to protect american citizens and their property. on february 15th, a bomb went off on the maine and killed 260 of the 350 sailors
what were the 4 reasons for going to war?
to end barbarities, to protect american property in cuba, cuba problems hurt us trade, and dangerous having spain so close
why were dewey's actions so important?
he destroyed an entire fleet of spanish ships
what were the areas we gained from the war?
the americans gained puerto rico, guam and the philippines