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  1. Sentences that ask a direct question. Always ends with a question mark.
  2. A sentence stating a fact or argument without requiring response. It makes a statement and ends in a period.
  3. Pronouns that point to specific things. i.e. this, that, there, and those. (this, these refer to things near the speaker. that, those refer to nouns further away)
  4. One can change the normal order of a sentence so that the subject is being acted upon. This voice may make the reader work harder to understand the intended meaning. i.e. fish are eaten by the cat.
  5. Sentences that end with an exclamation point.

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  1. Simple PastThey walk. Occasionally used to talk about scheduled events in the near future, i.e. the train leaves tonight at 6.


  2. FutureThey will have walked. Designates action that will have been completed at a specified time in the future.


  3. Imperative SentencesSentences that ask a direct question. Always ends with a question mark.


  4. Future PerfectThey had walked. Designates action in the past just as simple past does, but the action of the past perfect is action completed in the past before another action.


  5. Comparative AdjectiveThe extreme degree of comparison of adjectives. Used when comparing three or more things. Usually using the suffix -est, or the word 'most'. i.e. most beautiful, or highest