28 terms

Personal Finance Test 2

work that you do to earn money
a commitment to a working field that you are interested in fulfilling
standard of living
measure of a quality of life based on the amounts and kinds of goals and services
what is a trend?
developments that mark changes in a particular area
Trend in workforce
demographic trends
Potential Earning Power
Amount of money you earn overtime
natural abilities that people posses
Ex: being good at math, singing
Interest Inventories
tests that help you identify what you enjoy the most
What factors can impact potential earning power?
Demographic trend
reveal developments and changes in human population
Geographic trend
trend that occurs in certain part of world
Economic trend
way people spend money
Industry & Technology Trends
what industries based on consumer's needs
Service Industry
an industry that provides services rather than tangible objects
part-time work
temporary employment for less than the standard 40 hour work week
cooperative education
programs that allow students to enhance, classroom learning with part time work related to their majors and interests
A position in which a person receives training by working with people who are experienced in a certain field
Where can you get career info?
libraries, mass media, internet, etc.
What is a job fair?
you can meet many people and are open to national and local job offers and opportunities
Employment agencies
businesses that match job hunters with employments; must pay the agencies (downside)
Where can you see job advertisements?
Internet, local newspapers
3 ways to find a job?
visit, call, network
Social Security tax
a federal tax paid for old-age, survivors, and disability insurance; taken out of paycheck
Cafeteria-style employee benefits
Programs that allow workers to choose the benefits that best meet their personal needs
Tax exempt benefits
Benefits that are not taxed.
a regular payment to a person that iis intended to allow them to subsist without working
a wise and trusted guide and advisor
How can you ensure that your career will be long-term, successful and satisfying?
If you enjoy work each day
-good work habits
-good communication skills
-willing to learn new things